Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Congratulations Tyson!

I wasn't overly fond of Tyson the first two times he was on Survivor, but I was impressed with him this season, and I'm glad he won.  Something about Monica drove me crazy, and I was hoping Ciera would manage to find her way into the final 3.  And Gervace, while the brains behind Tyson's win, never really did anything but follow T's lead.

I spent all day Saturday baking cookies, then yesterday after church, we went first to a family Christmas party, then to Terre Haute, where we met my parents at Olive Garden for me and my son's combined birthday parties.  I thought I was eating lightly at the Christmas party, but I think the chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake pushed me over the limit, for my desired Ravioli was not to be:  I settled for salad, Chicken and Gnocci soup, and one breadstick.  Then K and I split a slice of the Black Tuxedo pie.

We did NOT get any fresh snow this weekend, so I struggled out and made it to karaoke.  But my camera died, so even though I sang well, there's no video.  And yesterday, the spouse called from the store and reported the temp was 47 degrees, and snow was melting!!!  Hope the temps stay above freezing this week, and any precip we get is only rain!!

Cookies Baked:  9 Doz Choc. Chip; 7 Doz M&M; 4 Doz S/F Choc. Chip; 4 Doz S/F M&M; 3 Doz Oatmeal/Raisin.
Presents Wrapped:  1
Cards Written/Addressed/Sent:  24 addressed
Christmas Letter Written?  Yes:)


Cherie Reich said...

I was hoping Ciera would pull it out, but I'm okay with Tyson winning. He definitely did a lot to keep him in the game to outwit, outplay, and outlast his opponents.

Unknown said...

I was hoping for Ciera too, but didn't mind Tyson winning.

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