Monday, December 2, 2013

December Reading List

End-of-the-Month Recap:
Books Read:  13
            Print:  4
       E-Book:  9

Writing Goals Attained:
Did I win Nano?  Sort of.  I finished Brock and Tricia's story, my 1st ever paranormal erotic romance, which will be pubbed under Kenzie's name, and it came in just under the 42K word count.  So under the true NaNo guidelines, no; I was still 8K short.  But since my goal was to finish the story, then yes, goal attained:)  And feels wonderful to have written 'The End' for the first time in 4 years!

Exercise/Weight Loss:  Blew my diet during a ChRHP weekend and am still struggling to lose the 4 pounds gained.  I'm thinking I'll try to stick to the moderation and portion control over the holidays, then pick back up after the 1st of the year.  We're also thinking about joining the gym.  I'll keep you posted.

Karaoke Update:  Kept 5 of the songs, including two more 'E' titles, Everything I Do (Bryan Adams) and Eye of the Tiger (Survivor).  So far, the 'F' titles are being kind to me:)  

December Reading Schedule:
Wyatt’s Guilt-Sara Daniels Excellent!  RR
A Highlander For Christmas-Jamie Carie Excellent!  RR
Money-Mike Weiss Good story
Murder-Mike Weiss Happy to see it finally end.
Unwritten Rules-Alison Henderson  Excellent story!  RR
The Tiger's Heart-Marissa Dobson LOVED this!  DRR
Journey of the Magi-Barbara Edwards Wonderful story!
Swapped-Keaton Quist Hawt!!
Alice's Story-Kathleen Ball Loved it!  RR
Scandal at Vauxhall-Layna Pimentel Loved it!  RR
Breaking Perfect-Lydia Michaels Loved, loved, LOVED this!  DRR
Ride A Cowboy-Desiree Holt Whew!  HAWT!  
Quarterback Blitz-Francis Stockton Very good!
Cinderella Wore Combat Boots-DL Jackson Good:)

Karaoke Song List
Fall To Pieces-Avril Lavign Did well!  Keeper:)
Fame-Irene Cara Fun to sing, but only time I'll perform it, lol!
Fancy-Reba Sung it twice and keep tripping over my tongue!  Keeping it:)
Far Away-Nickelback Bleh.  Last time.
Feels Like the First Time-Foreigner Did okay on it.  Might do it once more....
First Cut is the Deepest-Sheryl Crowe Bleh, but video sounds better.  Still, taking it off list.
Flashdance-Irene Cara

Plans This Month:
-Baking cookies
-Celebrating two birthdays
-Christmas shopping/wrapping
-Shipping laptop off to be fixed
-Preparing for Christmas Eve service

Hopefully, I'll post pics of out Thanksgiving Day feast and the daily count of cookies, presents bought/wrapped.


Melissa Keir said...

Congrats on finishing your book. :)There's something wonderful about typing The End.

I can't wait to hear more about your Thanksgiving. I love to see your photos!

Sandy said...

Wonderful that you could finish the story, Molly. Great for you to work in reading. Yay!

Dorothy Thompson said...

Hey at least you finished it!