Saturday, August 12, 2017

Flashback Friday: The Green-eyed Monster Rears Its Head....

Aug 1987:
Life at Wabash National was good.  I enjoyed my job; I enjoyed working with the guys.  Only one thing marred the whole experience though; my new coworker was jealous.

First of all, toward the end of July, one of the guys began paying particular attention to me, and after a 'clean' night, I agreed to go out with him.  We had an enjoyable evening; got to see Henry Lee Summer performing at Nick's Bar, and dancing.  Later, he'd asked, "Motel time?"  I told him I didn't do that on the 1st date, and then, since I'd heard a rumor about his marital status, asked him about it.  He stated he was in the process of getting a divorce, and was legally separated.

I'd made the mistake of telly Patsy I had gone out with Bill, so when he asked out another coworker, she began making snide remarks about Bill and Tina, who was embarrassed.  I really didn't care, since 1) we weren't 'official' and 2) the man wasn't completely free!  But her comments still stunned me.

Then, around the first week of August, I noticed our foreman telling ME what to do, and expecting the information being passed down the line.  The first time I tried telling P what needed to be done, she snottily informed me I wasn't her boss, and stomped off the other way.  Fine; I'd clean up the back room by myself.

Jeff came back to check 'our' progress, and asked me where P was.  I relayed her remark; he shook his head, brought her back and spoke to her (gesturing at me the entire time!), and left.  P shot me an angry look, then picked up her broom and went to the opposite side of the room.  We worked in silence until all the sawdust was swept up.

The next day, T and I observed P hanging around the guys looking at the blueprints for the next truck line, while we puttered around, sweeping up and looking busy until the sidetable was up again.  T mentioned P needed to be helping us, not hanging around the guys.  I told her that she had refused to listen, and to let Jeff handle it.  Sure enough, 5 minutes later, we saw Jeff go up to P and tell her to grab a broom.  With a sullen look on her face, she did.

Jeff then came over to us and told me he wished our situations were reversed; P had applied for the job full-time, but he couldn't stand her, while I was returning to school in about 2 more weeks.

"You sure you want to return to college?"


The night we had to work 6 hours over, I got drowsy at 3am, a full half hour before our scheduled break.  I had been up on the truck side, re-drilling the rivet holes, when I laid down to stretch my muscles and didn't want to get back up!

I even told the guys, "Just let me sleep....go ahead and press me permanently into this thing....just let me sleep...."

Jeff shook his head.  "Go ahead and take your break.  Someone scrape McIntire off the truck and pump some caffeine into her."

But two hours later, someone had taken my air hose, and P was busy doing something else.  I wandered all over the area, looking for another one, but no luck.  She yelled at me to get one, and my temper blew.  I told her if she needed one so !@#$$ bad, to go get her !@#$$%% self.  The adrenaline and anger rush kept me going until quitting time.

My final day came, and when I went to get my paycheck signed, Tom told me he was sorry to see me go, and to come back anytime.  He also teased me about how he and Jeff were planning to kidnap me and not let me take my week's vacation in Florida until school began again after Labor Day.  Patsy was in full earshot of this conversation, and was the only one who didn't say goodbye.

I'd told my mom about what was going on between myself and P, and she told me P was jealous because she needed the job and I didn't!  Plus the fact I only had a week's seniority over her, but J had, in essence, made me his assistant.

Another humorous moment:  I had just popped in about six full rows of rivets, when Jeff came over to talk to me.  He hopped up on the table (I was standing beside it) as we spoke, and when he jumped off, all the rivets popped out.  He told me to get to work; I grabbed his arm.

"Hold it, Scheffy....YOU caused them to fall out; YOU put them back in."

He stared at me for a full minute, then huffed and put them back in the holes, muttering under his breath.  Later I found out he could have fired me for insubordination!

"Why didn't you?"
"You were fun to have around."

Next Month:  Phase 2 of my rebellious year.

Present Day: 
I'm completely caught up on my One Day At A Time, Designing Women, and Maude shows, as well as Sonny and Cher:)  My bedroom and kitchen have returned to 'normal'; this week I start on the living room and bathrooms.  Then it's back to hauling stuff out of the two houses.

*******Rant Ahead*********
'Laying down the law' didn't happen.

I was informed Thursday night that both J and my SIL had agreed MDQ could return home.  WTH????????????????

Thanks a frickin' lot for backing me up.....will no one say 'no' to this child?  WHO TOLD A 16 Y/O SHE COULD ACT LIKE AN ADULT?????

But then again, I'm not her legal guardian; just her temporary one.  Since Thursday, other things have come to light:

-Her b/f is now attending Ben Davis, and has lost weight and grown a few inches.
-She's not taking her meds.  Okay, now we know WHY your throat is so damn sore.  YOU  DON'T STOP TAKING THE MEDS WHEN YOU FEEL BETTER; YOU TAKE THE ENTIRE SCRIPT!
-I guess she doesn't like the fact I've reminded her about homework, taking meds, cleaning up after pets.  The bunny cage has only been cleaned once since her brother left.

I'm still trying to see how I can keep Ice.

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