Monday, August 21, 2017

Christmas Present!

Brief Recap:
On double-eviction night, both Cody and Elena were sent to the Jury House.  Derrick (BB16 winner) arrived for 'Memory Lane', then hosted the HOH competition.

Playing Chess....
Proof that newbies play checkers, vets play chess.  The HOH comp was played tournament-style, and came down to Paul and Christmas.  Paul knew the answer, but decided to throw it to Christmas, because she's in his alliance, and this way he gets to play in next week's challenge.

Congrats Jason!
I always wondered if the temporary HOH on double-evict night got any goodies, and now we know. Jason received his goody basket, including a letter from home which revealed he's going to be a daddy next year.

Turns out Josh and Christmas have a tight bond, as well as....
Matt and Raven 'Maven'
Alex and Jason
Matt and Kevin have no one, and Paul has successfully made bonds with everyone except Matt and Kevin.

At the nomination ceremony, Christmas put up Matt and Jason as pawns in order to back-door Mark.  BUT, if Mark wins the POV and keeps himself safe, then she's not too sad to be sending one of the others home....just seems a little cold-hearted toward new daddy-to-be Jason....but hey....that's part of the game.

Tree of Temptation
Knowing he was last man on the totem pole, Mark claimed one of the apples and picked 'Save A Friend'.  At the nomination ceremony, he saved Paul.  It will be interesting to see if anyone claims more in the next two weeks....

See you back here on Thurs!

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