Friday, August 18, 2017

Flashback Friday: My Baby Is A Kindergartner!

Aug 1997:
After returning from our whirlwind trip to Vancouver, we went into full pack up mode.  K was enrolled in Eminence Elementary, and we discovered he needed glasses.  One trip to the eye doctor for him and the world opened up:)

We began making weekly trips to the house, and planning where we'd put our furniture.  One day, Mom and Dad showed up:)  The kids were thrilled to show Grandma and Grandpa their new rooms, and we all went out for dinner.

When school started, I would get the kids up and dressed; drive K to school (half an hour drive), then take little S to Burger King or McDonald's to play in the playscape.  The 2nd week, we left a window open and began hauling things into the house.  I'd shove S through the window; she'd unlock the door and let me in.  I think at one point, we obtained the keys before we'd even closed on the house.  A lot of our boxes were stacked in the 4th bedroom.

Day #1:
I noticed I was one of the younger moms; and watched my little boy jumping in and playing with the others.  All of a sudden, he bounced up to me, all excited.

"Mommy!  I made a friend!"

"You did?  Good for you....what's your friend's name?"

"Ahhhh.....(bends down to ask the kid his name)....Austin. This is Austin, and he's my BEST FRIEND!"

Little did we know that indeed, K and A would be best buddies all through and beyond school!

When it was time for me to leave, however, he burst into tears and had to be held back by Mrs. Glidden, the teacher.  He was very happy to see me two hours later!

Day #2:
I was dreading another crying session, but he bounced out of the car and declined my offer to walk with him to his room.

"'Bye Mommy....see you later!"

Day #3:
He woke up before the alarm, then came to me with a very solemn request:

"I can't get my pants on....will you help me?"

I knew there was a poem in that line, so while I was at the insurance guy's office, I managed to compose it!  Can't locate it at the moment, but the final stanza goes something like this:

On the third day he awoke before the alarm
Ready for action, ready to charm.
But there was one final issue, one small request...
"I can't get my pants on; Mommy, will you dress me the rest?"

Next Month:  Sad News As We Move In....and A Huge Misunderstanding of People

Present Day:
I'm off to the grand opening of our Vincennes Brewing Company tonight!  Friends Chris and Patti Coffey are co-owners, and it's at 2nd and Main, where the antique store used to be.  I plan to drink either a glass of wine or a Guiness-type beer after the ribbon-cutting.

Otherwise, it's going to be a quiet weekend.  I'm also trying to finalize my Sept plans.  I'll be doing the 1st Friday on the 1st, then the Community Yard Sale at Oubache Trails on the 2nd.  Was planning to go to Attica on the 9th, but the owner either doesn't want me or is confused by what I do.  Tells me 'we're full of that type of vendor' have other authors?  No answer.  Then I saw on the FB post 'No direct sales....we're full'.  I thought DS was stuff like Avon, Younique, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef.  Still no answer to my query on the thread.

I'm going to call Monrovia and see if I can get in there.  Otherwise, I may just send in my app to Attica and see what happens.  Then on the 16th, I plan to be at the Eminence Harvest Fest.  Eleven or twelve years ago, this festival was a bust.  I'm happy to see it grow, though!

K has his VU schedule and is excited about attending classes again:)  S is still training at her job over in Lawrenceville, and W and A are doing well in school.  W has signed up to be part of the stage crew in the next play; A is enjoying kindergarten, but landed on the yellow for some reason yesterday.  Otherwise, she's been very well behaved.

Had family pics taken last night; I have a good-looking family!

Have a great weekend!

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