Friday, August 18, 2017

Double Eviction Night! #BB19

Cody had high hopes that Elena had made enemies after breaking her word to Alex and claiming the $5K prize, but he found himself going out the door 1st.  No goodbye to anyone; just stormed out.  He told Julie, "I can't stand anyone in there."

Jason won HOH (I thought the other houseguests rigged it a bit so he'd win??) and nominated Mark and Elena (no surprise there....)

Mark won POV and pulled himself off; Matt was put in his place.  Elena went out the door and will now spend the next week alone with Cody in the Jury House.

Loved C's response to Julie:  
J:  I bet you're looking forward to some solitude away from them....
C:  It's double-eviction night, so you screwed that up.
J:  Oops, so we did.

So with 9 left, I guess the 'pecking order' is:

I reeeeeeaaaaaallly hope Josh goes soon, and they don't keep that annoying 'meatball' around.  When he and Elena had their spat, I just wanted to yell, Shut UP, Josh!  Let the girl talk!  Geez.....Kid needs to learn how to listen.

Looking forward to seeing Derrick tonight!!!   Special Friday episode:)  And yes.....might watch AD again....I know; torture.

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