Sunday, August 13, 2017

The End of Jody #BB19

Brief Recap:
Jess and Cody schemed to keep themselves safe.  Jess intentionally came in last in the Temptation Comp, with the hopes C would earn safety, then win the Veto and pull her off.  It almost worked; C was picked for the veto, but Christmas was able to take  his place.  Mark won the veto.....

Kevin...What Are You Doing?
K tried to make a deal with Cody, knowing the house was getting rid of Jess.  Jason wasn't too happy.

Spelling Bee Gone Wrong
If only Jess would have laid low.....Josh actually wanted to rally everyone against Elena!  But after J refused to talk to him, and then taunted him about spelling the word 'drought', Josh fired back about how to spell 'evicted', and another yelling match ensued.  Josh was done trying to protect her, and the final vote was Elena 0, Raven 1 (Cody), and Jess 7.  Bye-bye Jess.

HOH Comp:
I was thrilled to see the quick-change artists back!  Cody went out in the 2nd round, and round 4 came down to Alex and Raven.

Alex wins again!

Personally, I'm sick of Josh and his 'meatball' comments.  I soooooo hope Alex puts him up!!!  I predict Mark and Elena will be the targets, though.  We'll see what happens tonight.

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