Thursday, August 3, 2017

Tempers Flare! #BB19

Brief Update:
Paul won HOH; Mark, Jason, Matt, and Alex all played in the Temptation Competition.  Mark won, and is safe.  Jason came in last, and is nominee #3, along with Jess and Cody.

Snowflake Josh
I'll admit, I've held off on using this term.  But I'm heartily sick of Josh's off-key 'singing' of the Ringling Bros. anthem while crashing pots and pans together, and his 'Meatball!' mutterings.  Please, somebody cut him loose next week!!!!!  He's run his mouth with Cody, and now with Mark, whose own temper finally exploded, and the two had to be separated by both the producers and Kevin.

Fall of 'Jody'?
Paul invites Jess to come talk, and Cody tagged along, but couldn't help being a Caveman, which royally pissed Jess off.  She's proving she has a brain, and the confidence not to be swayed by a pretty face.  When she confronted C, you could almost see a light bulb go on in her brain when she asked, "Are you like this in the Real World?"

C couldn't answer, and J left in a huff.  Later he revealed that yes, he didn't think he could contain his 'caveman' antics after the game.  The two appeared to make up, but Paul, Christmas, and Elena tried to get her to not use the hex, and to let C go; he is bad for her game.  Hopefully she'll see this!  I loved J's answer to 'what would you use the $$ for?'

"A Xanax prescription and a straitjacket!'

POV Comp:
Paul won the BB Storm and tells J he'll give her what she wants in return for C leaving the game.

"Safety for the next 4 weeks and for the next HOH to put up Alex and send her home."

With his fingers crossed, Paul to see if Jess agrees too?

No veto meeting!  See you tomorrow!  Who will go home tonight, Cody, Jason, or Elena?

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