Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Nomination Upset.....#BB19

Brief Update:
No one was sent packing last week, due to Jess using the Hex.  Josh wan HOH....after the IQ of the house dropped to Pre-K.....

Temptation Comp:
Nearly everyone played, except Josh and Christmas.  Cody won, which kept him safe.  Jess was too frightened of the zombies and things which go bump in the night, to complete the challenge, so she automatically became the 3rd nominee.

Jess:  This is perfect!  Cody is safe, so now if he's picked to play in the Veto Comp, and either he or I win, then we're safe for another week.....

Josh nominated Mark and Elena, pissing off both.  Despite his 'meatball' exterior, Josh proved he is not blindly following Paul's 'coaching'....he and Christmas had a conversation that I HOPE J keeps confidential; if Paul gets wind of it, she'll be the next one he sets his sights on.

Check back tomorrow.....

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