Friday, August 25, 2017

Flashback Friday

Aug 2007:
I had investigated getting my 3 y/o into a preschool, and had been informed because of our income level, we were on the waiting list for Head Start.  I enrolled him in the Methodist Church preschool to try him out.

I wasn't impressed with his teacher the 1st day.  She was running her class more like a 1st grade class, instead of preschool, and W objected when I tried to leave.  Other moms were staying, so I resigned myself to a day of attending school with him.  Day #2, I left, but was called back an hour later, because he was 'uncooperative and crying for Mommy'.  I stayed with him for an hour, then brought him home.  Day #3, he lasted only a few minutes and I grew frustrated.

"I'm trying to toss him from the nest, but you don't seem to be willing to catch him!"

Fortunately, we got a call from Head Start, saying a slot had opened up.  I un-enrolled him from the 1st school, and two weeks later, was much more impressed with his new teacher, Ms Teresa.

On the home front, S was in the 7th grade and enjoying her friendships with Alicia, Mahala, and Ashley.

K decided he wanted to join the swim team as a sophomore, so my afternoons were about to get busy.  We also went on a Family Camp Out with the BSA troop, only the day before we were due to leave, I slipped on a dryer sheet and fell down the back stairs while trying to put the dog outside.  At first I seemed fine, but Friday morning my backside hurt, and my shoulder hurt, from where I'd been holding onto the back door.  I called my friend J, who was thrilled to let me sleep in their guest room.

I also began working on the wip that had entered my head a week or so earlier, about Steve who was in prison; his ex-girlfriend Angie, whom he still loved, and the fact he was trying to prove he'd changed.  What began to emerge was not only that story, but Angie's current boyfriend decided to migrate to Estes Park, Colorado, and met a young cowgirl named Emma.  I began writing in longhand during the weekend, but it wouldn't be until after Labor Day that I'd return to it.

Next Month:  K on the Swim Team; S balking at getting up; W at Head Start; and a Startling Revelation.

Present Day:
We've been dealing with a bit of potential upheaval in our lives again.  Tuesday, my daughter informed me she wanted to move to Lafayette and look for a job up there.  Fine and dandy, but what about A?

"I'll enroll her up there."

*needle scratch*

So....what you're telling me is you want to uproot your child, move in with your aging grandparents, and expect them to care for A while you job hunt?  I don't think they're up for that task.  I talked it over with the spouse, who agreed that if she was set on that plan, then I'd have to go with her, in order to run interference.  So.....when do we leave?

Original plan was to leave Thursday after school.  Oh wait, I have Back to School night at CMS.  Then S realized she had a doctor's appt on Friday.  We'd leave then.

Yesterday, daughter's back went out while she was getting out of the tub, and spent the day in bed.  There had been a water main break on Wed, so work postponed. She had to call in last night.

Today, there's an issue with her insurance, so no doctor appointment, and she decided last night to postpone travel plans.  I have no idea what's going to happen next week, other than I'm planning to set up on Friday at the 1st Friday event, then again on Saturday at the Community Yard Sale.  I need to make some $$ and we need to seriously sell some stuff from the other two houses.  I realistically can not leave until Sunday.

So who knows?

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