Friday, August 4, 2017

Flashback Friday: Fun and Heartbreak, Plus Unpleasantness in the BB House

.Aug 1977:
We were in Florida, and for Mom's birthday, Grandma and Grandpa took us to the Brown Derby.  There was a 3 hour wait, and we got to sit in the bar.  A band was playing, and G'ma, G'pa, Bob and Harriet, and another couple got up to dance.  I  desperately wanted to get up and dance to some of the disco tunes, but was too shy.

I also received my 1st diary, and faithfully wrote in it during the rest of the vacation.

After we returned from Florida, my grandparents held a garage sale.  Grandma let me pick out one bottle and one cup/saucer, and was heartbroken when a beautiful 'Genie' bottle was bought.  I was hoping no one would buy it, and I remember bursting into tears when a man told me he'd bought it.

6th grade began, and Mom has a picture of W, K, and I in our brand new gaucho pants (now called Capri).

Next Month:  Family member ill; an embarrassing moment,

Present Day:
This weekend is the Watermelon Festival!  Come out and see me tonight, and meet Brooke Meyers, the new author on the block, tomorrow!

I'm a little put out at what went down yesterday.  At the veto meeting, Jess and Cody acted very disrespectful.  Jason used his moment to reiterate that Jess was caught in the middle of Cody's antics, and therefore he needed to go.  Jess, having walked in on Raven and Kevin 'whispering', jumped to conclusions and called out Raven for lying, sniggered 'World Peace' and sat down.  Cody refused to say anything.

Paul used the veto on Jason; Jess unleashed the Hex, which meant NO ONE was going home.

IQ Drop
The house erupted when Jess again called out Raven, then Alex revealed that previously, Jess had stolen her cat ears and blamed Raven.  Jess and Raven had a screaming match; 'Jody' retreated into the lounge.  Paul told Josh to 'light it up', and everyone reverted to Pre-K behavior, banging pans, mocking 'Jody', following them out to the yard, and basically any bullying or harrassment antics.  Josh hurled insults at Cody; Jess threw food at Josh.

Thankfully, Matt, Mark, and Raven grew tired of it and agreed things were getting out of control.

In the HOH competition, Josh won, after scoring higher on Zombie Golf than Cody and Christmas, who were tied.  Whew!

Who will Josh the Clown nominate?  Probably his favorite 'Meatball', Cody.

Unless C wins the temptation comp.  Come back on Monday or tune in Sunday night to find out.

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