Monday, August 14, 2017

Alex In Charge (Again!) BB19

Brief Recap:
Jess was evicted and Alex won the HOH.

Kevin vs Alex
Got news for ya, Kev.....Alex is clued in to the fact you're actually talking game with Cody.  Better watch out; that tiny target on your back is beginning to grow.....

Temptation Contest
A series of noises began to interrupt the house guests.  They did pay attention, and in some cases counted how many times the noise repeated.

Christmas declined to play; Paul and Alex convinced Matt to throw it, in case Cody decided to deliberately put himself up.  Which he did....but made one tiny mistake.

The deal with the noises?  They had to remember what room they were in when they heard it!

Cody decided to always pick the Have-Not room....but had forgotten the one time he'd actually BEEN in it.

Matt did a fine job of acting as if he has a terrible memory!

Mark won, which spoiled Alex's plan.

So, she left Paul and Jason to figure out who to be the other pawn.  Jason agreed to do it, and went on the block with Elena and Matt.

But What About Cody?
This was an elaborate scheme to keep C from playing in the veto comp.  The ONLY way this will work is IF C's chip doesn't get pulled to play in it.  If Jason or Elena win the veto, Cody goes up as a replacement.  If Matt wins, Elena goes home.  If Cody plays, all he has to do is not use the power; Elena goes home.

She's tired of being the 'Perpetual Pawn' and is starting to piss people off with her attitude (which at the moment is beginning to rival one of my family members, not to mention her resemblance to said member!) and some are already clued in to the fact she has good persuasive skills.  It's time for her to go, if Cody survives.

Family member has returned home; I could not keep my mouth shut on FB and posted a very generic post about my stress level:

"Been a long week. I've been lied to; used; bent over backward to accommodate a family member, all so they could throw it back in my face. Stress level was all over the place as I played peacemaker, diplomat, and disciplinarian. Here's hoping things settle down and get back to some sort of normalcy."

I went to bed.  

Woke up this morning to my children telling me I'd unleashed Super Storm S.

I had not posted any names; S did.

I had not called out any child; S did.

She chose to call me a narcissist; I ignored it.

I DID delete the post after addressing the child who commented, after not being on FB in MONTHS.

Stepdaughter posted about how 'this should have been said to my face, instead of a public forum where I could read it'.  Ummmm....I did tell her last night.  She apparently wasn't listening.

S doesn't have all the facts.  Too bad we didn't have security cameras to catch all the drama that unfolded last week.  I now have to explain to doctors, P/T therapists, and others why the child is no longer here after a week.

I also learned she has not taken any of the antibiotics that were prescribed for her a week ago today.  Out of 14 pills, she'd only taken the 4 I personally handed her.  I reminded her daily; I didn't know I had to physically hand a 16 y/o her pills, so she would take them.

Now we know why her tonsils and throat are so bad.

J wants to put her in counseling for anger management issues.  I'd dearly love to tell the counselor (IF it happens) what I've observed over the years.

Hopefully, this is the end of this issue.  I'll find out where she stands when she's here for either Fall or Christmas Break.

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