Monday, August 28, 2017

Easy Targets...#BB19

Brief Update:
Mark was evicted, and an endurance comp for HOH began.....

After being splattered with mustard, ketchup, water, and relish, one by one the house guests fell from their hot dog buns, leaving Jason and Alex to battle it out.  Each thought they were doing a good job of pretending they weren't as close as they are as they argued, but in reality, they only succeeded in pissing off Mark.  Finally Alex capitulated, handing the HOH to Jason.

He instigated a plan to make everyone think he was going to back door Kevin, and put up Raven and Matt....who calmly agreed to the plan, much to Paul's surprise!

Thanks to my spouse's obsession with this season, I've been forced watching some of the After Dark episodes.  There is something definitely up; Matt and Raven had a fight and there was cinnamon all over Matt and the floor.  We've also seen Christmas and Alex wearing Veto shirts, and heard C talking about Raven's power, and what she was going to do.  Did she win the POV?  At first I thought she might have picked an apple, but no, she didn't....unless the Tree of Temptation opened up again????

Find out Wednesday.

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