Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August Reading Schedule

I'm pretty proud of myself.  I actually accomplished ALL of my July goals!
-Add words to Heart Song and RiKar's Redemption  Finished Ch. 5 of HS!!
-Get hair trimmed and re-dyed  Check:)
-Pedicure  Check:)
-Attend Nashville event  Nope.....Mom leaving Sat am.
-Attend JHS mini-reunion  Check:)
-Volunteer at Indies in Indy event  Check:)
-Have a relaxing 'stay-cation' while house sitting  Check:)
-Do well at WheatFest  Handed out cards, but zero sales.

Yeah, yeah....I hear you...I've had it pretty easy the last three weeks, with being at my mom's, house-sitting, setting my own schedule, and sleeping in as late as I want.  So why did I only finish Ch. 5?  Well, I also updated four of Kenzie's novellas, had a few WTH moments with some close friends, and got hooked on Nostalgia TV.  See, the parents don't have Dish or Direct TV, so I spent the mornings rewatching Remington Steele, Perry Mason, and Matlock.  I usually ended every night with Carol Burnett.  Plus on Sunday, I could watch Mary Tyler Moore, Rhoda, and Love Boat.

But I digress.....

Now I'm back home; school starts for EVERYONE this Thurs (can you believe it?  Granddaughter A begins kindergarten this year!), and I officially get 'my life' back.  So to speak, anyway.  I still have to deal with a spouse that's home all the time.  Plus, my home office isn't set up yet.  The days of sending kids off to school and me writing happily for 6 hours are gone.  Sigh....

Books Read:  2
           Print:  1
       E-book:  1

Karaoke Songs Added:  7
                           Thurs:  2
                                Sat:  5

Weight:  Dropped from 235-232, and am hoping Mom's scale is ten pounds heavier than mine....I'd hate to think I've packed on ten more pounds!!!  Forgot to weigh myself this past weekend.  Crap....I've put back on twelve pounds.  Sigh....I was doing SO GOOD!!!!!

August Goals:
-'Reclaim' my house  Check!
-Do well at the Watermelon Festival  Check....sold 5:)
-Dr. appts for myself and two kids  Check.....plus need better insurance.....
-Pay for Labor Day show Decided not to do it this year.
-Pay for Sept 16th show  Check:)
-Pay for KABB  Decided to skip this year, due to lack of funds.
-Write Ch. 6 of Heart Song, Ch 1 of RiKar's story
-Change hero's name in Spirit Pottery Check:)
-Find out about publishing status with Stardust Check!  Eretos, offshoot of Stardust/Hydra
-Clear more in brown/green houses and storage unit
-Family pics on the 17th.  Check!  Looking GOOD!  I have one good-looking family....;)

August Reading Schedule:
Print Books:
Tomb of the Moom-NE Riggs
Sealed with a Kiss-Carly Phillips Finally finished this book I've had since last Feb.....
Orchard Valley Brides-Debbie Macomber DNF
My Bluegrass Quarterback-Kate Athena After I put away my editing hat (or whomever edited it skipped over the 1st ten chapters?  LMAO!), it was a good story!

Our Song-Savannah Kade  Very good!
Yes, Mistress-NJ Cole Over all, good story.  Could have done w/o some of the sex scenes.
KFC romance book Interesting....verrrry interesting....

Karaoke Songs:
When I See You Smile-Bad English  Was a bit flat, but otherwise, okay.
Life After You-Chris Daughtry  DNH
When I Think of You-Janet Jackson  Not TOO awful....
Love In Any Language-Sandi Patti  DNH
Invincible-Pat Benetar (redemption/signature song) Nailed it!
When I'm Back on my Feet Again-Michael Bolton  Not too bad...
Love Is Like A Rock-Donnie Iris DNH
When It's Love-Van Halen Felt drowned out, but okay.
When The Children Cry-White Lion Voice was slightly scratchy, but not too bad:)
Leave A Light On-Belinda Carlisle DNH
When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going-Billy Ocean DNH
Wanted Dead or Alive-Bon Jovi (Redemption/signature song)  Nailed it; audience participation; and was complimented!
When The Stars Go Blue-Bono/The Corrs OR Tyler Hilton/Bethany Joy (from One Tree Hill) Did well!
Light On-David Cook Did well; only slightly scratchy:)
When Will I See You Again-Three Degrees Nailed it!

Never Say Die-Bon Jovi  DNH
New Attitude-Patti LaBelle  Slightly  too high....
Night Fever-Bee Gees Again, slightly too high, but fun to sing!
New Divide-Linkin Park  DNH
New Kid In Town-Eagles Did well:)
New Years Day-U2 Did fairly well:)
Nights On Broadway-Bee Gees  Not too bad...
Night Shift-Commodores  Ugh.  Too low!
No Air-Jordin Sparks DNH
Never Walk Away-Journey  DNH
Night Moves-Bob Seeger Ugh....too low
No More Tears-Donna Summer/Barbra Streisand  Strong beginning, but blew the ending
No No No Song-Ringo Starr  LOL....took me 3 verses to 'find' the right key to sing in!
No One Is To Blame-Howard Jones DNH
No One Like You-Scorpions DNH
No Particular Place To Go-Chuck Berry Nailed it:)
No Son of Mine-Genesis DNH
No Sugar Tonight-Guess Who Slightly rough, but okay....
No Time-Guess Who Nailed it:)
Nobody-Sylvia Nailed it:)
Nobody Does It Better-Carly Simon Nailed it!

Happy 75th Birthday to My Mom!!!!!!!!

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