Thursday, August 10, 2017

Christmas in.....August? #BB19

Last night was the POV competition, and everyone's worst fears came true.

Cody was picked to play, along side Alex, Josh, Mark, Elena, and Jess.

Christmas jumped up, as per pre-arranged signal with Josh and revealed the Ring of Replacement, which enabled her to switch places with Cody.  Unfortunately, she wasn't allowed to play in the OTEV competition, but at least Cody didn't have a chance to save Jess.

So How Did OTEV the Possessed Piggy Go?
Jess (whoo hoo!  Mark JUST beat her to it)
Alex (who beat Mark, but realized she'd dropped her shoe sole!)
Mark won, and took himself off.

Josh nominated Raven.

Cody was brought to tears when Christmas swapped places with him, and if looks could kill.....OMG!

Tune in tonight to see who goes home....Elena, Raven, or Jess.

Josh wants Elena, but it depends on how persuasive he is.  Everyone else wants to see Jess go out that door.

*******Rant Ahead*********

Granddaughter A insisted on moving in with us in July.  Fine; we understood she's wanting stability, having lived 14 places in her short life.

School began; things seemed fine.  She went home for her birthday, and since it made more sense for her to take a Personal Day on Monday and return home with us, rather than making two trips up there in 2 days, she got to spend another day with her brother and mom.

Monday night, she had a throat so sore she couldn't swallow.  I took her to the ER.  No strep or mono, but given antibiotics just the same.

Tues, I let her stay home to give the meds a chance to work.  She starts talking how she wants to join K12 and do all her work online.  Her mother agrees.

Wed, she had an ortho appointment, then was angry when I made her return to school.  I contacted K12 and on their advice, began admissions application.  After dinner, however, J contacts me; A is 'homesick' and 'wants to come home'.  I was stunned.  I've set up PT appts; and ENT appt, and what about the pit bull puppy Ice?

Today, had a lengthy conversation with my SIL, who agreed; A has discovered I'm not a pushover when it comes to rules and going to school; she's jealous of her brother having his own room and the run of the place; this HS ping-pong has got to stop.

Currently, the plan is to have a conversation about laying down the law and forcing her to complete the month here, so she can do her PT and attend her ENT consult.

She has got to learn a) she is NOT calling the shots around here; b) she NEEDS to stay in school; and c) she CHOSE this.

Plus, the damn puppy is swiftly growing on me.  He's so darn cute and smart!

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