Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Break!

Currently Reading: Seattle, by Colleen L. Reece. I finished the first story; now I'm on the second.

E-Book: Finally getting around to Emmie Graham's North Atlantic Nights!

Page Count on current WIP: I'm writing in longhand, and just hit the 12-page mark! BTW, found out I'm NOT having carpel issues; it's a pinched nerve in both arms! Advil is my new best friend...

I did the happy dance last night, the one where finally, my kids have ALL gone to Grandma's and I no longer have to fight for computer time, or hear "Mom! He's picking on me..." or "Mom! Can I pleeeeeeaaaaaase get online?"

Unfortunately, sinuses chose to gang up on me. Do you know how hard it is to read or write when your right eyeball is threatening to explode? Not pleasant.

But finally, after a drug coctail of:

1 Sudafed
2 Advil
3 Tblsp Robitussin
4 Herbal suppliments (just kidding...it was only 2, but 4 caplets total!)
Peace and Quiet
TLC from my hubby

I felt well enough to go out to Applebees for dinner. I drank a Chocolate Martini and 2 iced teas, and even though I walked in the door craving a Tyler Florence Bruschetta Burger, the menu has changed and I decided to try something different.

We started with a trio of Mini-Chicken Ranch Stackers, Buffalo Wings, and Mozzarella Sticks. And ended up with double the wings, for our platter contained BBQ wings instead of the Buffalo ones. And just as hubby discovered it, the manager appeared with the right ones, and said not to worry about the BBQ ones; they were ours.

Main course was a Chicken Spinach Salad with Chili dressing for him and a Garlic-Herb chicken with herb potatoes and steamed broccoli for me.

Dessert? We were stuffed. Came home and had ice cream about 3 hours later!

I will be returning for more Chicken Ranch Stackers! They were lip-smacking delicious! I hope Applebees keeps them around!

Calling the Geek Squad...

Congratulate me...I finally figured out how to edit my AOL address book.

Okay, I hear peals of laughter at my lack of techno-savvy. Let me explain:


And I finally went in and deleted duplicate addresses, and added 'Author', 'Reader' and other additional titles so I wouldn't get confused as to who was whom in my online address book! This way, fellow authors aren't bombarded with the occasional forwarded emails that I sometimes get and accidentally click on the wrong person to forward it to.

4 Days and Counting...

I'm gearing up for my 1st booksigning this year. I'm having bookmarks and posters made; I contacted people to obtain permission to hang the posters; I've double-checked to make sure all is in order for Saturday. What do I still have to do? Call my BFF and find out if she's still going with me. Decide on what the hell I'm wearing. Make sure my kids (and hubby!) know where I'll be. MapQuest the directions, because I didn't particularly like the route I took last June.

Dinner Plans...

I also found a Pesto Sauce packet I picked up by mistake, but kept it. I'm going to attempt to recreate Tyler's Bruschetta Burger for dinner tonight. I might even try to find it online first! Otherwise, hubby and I are cleaning out the fridge tonight. There is plenty of food; I probably won't have to cook until Thursday:)

What's everyone else up to? The only thing which would make this week even better would be temps in the 70's and hubby returning to the workforce. Unfortunately, that would leave me without a car, so maybe it's better that he's home!


barbara huffert said...

Only one eye? Wow, I'm jealous. Whenever I have sinus problems it's always both eyes that are going to pop out.

Unknown said...

A 'Chocolate Martini'is a known cure for all ills

Brynn Paulin said...

Ugh!!! Hope the pinched nerve(s) are better soon.

Why are you writing longhand, btw? I probably missed it while I was away...

Brynn Paulin said...

Oh! and congrats on the page count. Awesome.

Phoenix said...

Hmm. Last night I made Russian beet salad, salmon filets, garlic and onion seared potatos. Then I got tired and had to sit. The girl scout cookies came out for dessert later.

J is in soccer now after finishing the basketball season and P really wants to join a mini soccer league. That's all I got.

Molly Daniels said...

My kids called and said they went swimming at the community center yesterday! I'm jealous...