Saturday, May 31, 2008

Computer Probs and Other Thoughts

I've been battling my computer for two days. AJ's 'promptel' problem has spread; only instead of shutting down my internet, my computer simply refuses to cooperate.

A page loads and gets frozen; becomes 'non-responsive'.

I go to type a comment and nothing appears for several seconds. With my dyslexic fingers, how am I going to know if 'wioth' appears instead of 'with', or 'asw' instead of 'was'? And when I correct it, well, a simple sentance turns into a frustrating composition.

And when I get to the point where my patience runs out, and my computer parts are in danger of being smashed, I try to exit the program and reboot the system, except the icons are now missing from the screen. Nothing to do but shut the thing down cold. Even 'Ctrl' 'Alt' 'Dlt' has no effect.

Jackie says it's because everyone is trying to load that page at the same time. Okay; but explain my computer problem when I've shut down the internet? Virus scans and spyware scans reveal zip, and they are supposedly up to date.

At any rate, I'm having no trouble now, so maybe I need to a) Quit staying up late and sleeping past 7:30 am or b) Not attempt internet at all until after supper?

Outdoor Education
Saw an interesting ad on TV: Spend an hour each day outside. And for ideas on what to do, go to the website for creative ideas.

Excuse me?

Ask any child under age 6 and they will tell you the Great Outdoors is full of things to do! You can ride bikes; pretend your swingset is a tower; jump rope; go for a walk; smell the neighbor's flowers (just don't pick them!); lie on the grass and see the shapes in the clouds; play any number of sports...volleyball, baseball, kickball, croquet...anything that gets you moving.

Has an entire generation of people forgotten the joys of using their imagination? Play hide and seek with any group of kids. Go play miniature golf. Get a bucket of sidewalk chalk and take turns outlining each other. My sidewalk looks like a crime scene; remember the three extra kids I had yesterday? They were 8, 7, 5, and my 4-year-old. They spent an hour taking turns lying on the concrete while the others drew around them. They outlined the dog. They drew a flower garden. They even wrote a large "Welcome" on my porch.

In short, they had FUN. And without the use of electronics.

Jackie has a fence!
My older kids have been having a ball this week, putting together a chain-link fence with their dad. There has been little or no quarreling; no tears because of feeling left out; and best of all, no complaints because Mom's tying up the computer.

And Aunt Jackie even bought a Diego Slip 'N' Slide so they could cool off in the water after a hard day's work. Got some great pics of them! Jackie's dogs are thrilled to be let loose and not have to be on a leash.

The next project is a smaller pen, plus the patio. Best of all, they are doing something constructive and not just lying in front of the TV. And my son leaves for BSA summer camp in two weeks.

Missed it!
I forgot to call my mom before she left, to tell her about Jamie Carie's book signing. I hope she went! I wanted an autographed copy of her second book, The Dutchess and The Dragon. Otherwise, I'll just have to buy it and hope she returns to her home town again soon. Her 3rd book won't be out until January.

Wine and Art Fair
There's someone new in charge of the festival this year, and when I contacted him about being a vendor, he welcomed me with open arms, and was thrilled when I told him BB Walters was interested as well. If she's able to make it, she and I will both be selling our books on June 14th. More on this later.

Am I the Only One?
Have you heard Kid Rock's "All Summer Long". The kids swear they hear 'Sweet Home Alabama' in the background. I hear 'Werewolves of London'. Anyone else hear this song? Just like there's a Jessica Simpson song that I hear 'Jack and Diane', and Vanilla Ice's 'Ice Ice Baby' has 'Under Pressure' in the background.

Kids just walked in:) Have a good weekend!


barbara huffert said...

All Summer Long definitely has the same chord progression as Werewolves of London.

Don't feel bad. The html for my sitemeter and map on my blog are still showing up when I check the layout page but they suddenly stopped displaying today. No idea what I did to make them vanish and no clue how to get them back.

Unknown said...

Bloody Promptel...

jackie said...


I'm LOSING K.!!!!!!!!!!


ok. well I will have 1 of the 2 biggin's! gotta love 'em. Her kids are the ABSOLUTE SWEETEST!

And the baby (who isn't really a baby) is the best little guy, he's declared he loves me too!

Gracen Miller said...

Hi, Molly! Did you check the website to see what they suggested as "fun" in the outdoors? I agree with you though, we have no problem finding entertaining things to do outside. My boys and I even like going to a public garden here in town and hanging out and playing around all the hydrangeas (sp?) and the pond. It's a blast and we didn't need anyone to tell us to do it! Which makes it all the better. LOL.

The crime scene comment (LOL!) had me chuckling. That's cute. Kid's are so creative when it comes to entertaining themselves.

Computer probs...UGH! I hate them! I've had these same sort of problems you've been having lately and have had to shut off my computer the hard way because, like you said, "ctrl, alt, delete" does not work. It's very frustrating!

I'm adding your link to our blog by the way! I'm not sure why I haven't already done this.