Wednesday, February 10, 2010

All Caught Up!

Currently Reading: Second Opinion by Michael Palmer. I'm enjoying it, but I have to put it down every so often, to clear my head of medical terms. E-Book: Still on Blue Gold by Lindsay Townsend.

Weeeelll...okay; sort of caught up. My email has been cleared; I've blogged; and my L&O episodes are down to five. Thank you W for spending your snow day at a friend's house, and thank you SU and K for putting up with the marathon yesterday afternoon and last night after my meeting! In fact, K told me this morning he's getting somewhat addicted to the show! Now all I have to watch, besides the remaining episodes and the regular, 3 per day ones, is my DVR'd episodes of Life Happens, of which tonight is Episode #3. And with the Olympics beginning next week...I may have to let something go.

My dental appointment went well. Yes, a filling fell out, but I have no ultra-sensitivity in the tooth, so he's not going to crown it; I go back on March 9th to get it and another tooth on the right side filled. And probably in April, two more on the left filled. And since I consented to have my teeth cleaned and X-rayed, today's bill came to $250. The SU is furious. But's MY teeth, not his. I have no intention of losing any teeth until absolutely necessary. In fact, I already made the appointment for another cleaning in six months. My SU is from a family who have mostly 'summer teeth'...if you're not familiar with the saying, it's 'summer there, summer not'. And since we have no dental insurance, I'm lucky to have found a dentist who will take payments!

AND... here's the best part. He read my info and when he discovered I was an author, he asked me about my work. His kids are too young for Arbor U, but in a few years, his oldest girl will reach age twelve. He said he'd bring her to the festivals next summer:)

The snow arrived with a vengeance Monday night. Kids had no school yesterday, and until an hour ago, were on a two-hour delay. We were just notified they are now closed. K made pancakes for everyone, and W is watching 'Toot and Puddle'. My friend M has to work, and is bringing her daughter C over to play. Later, I'm sending them out with shovels to clear the sidewalk, unless neighbor D beats us to it!

K applied to be a census worker, and scored 97% on the test! We're pretty sure he'll get the job:)

And finally, the verdict is in on my 1000 Word submission. I need to rewrite it. I've already reassured Travis my feelings will NOT be hurt if he chooses to leave me out, and next time I will ASK him for clarification on the picture! Everyone got a kick out of me mistaking a topless female for a skinny, not-very-attractive male:)

If you haven't done so, scroll down and check out my interview with mystery/suspense author PA Brown. And keep Anny in your prayers; she's been hospitalized. Go over to her blog and tell her to get well soon!

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