Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend Recap

Currently Reading: I made it up to Ch 28 on Cross Country Chaos! I would have read more yesterday, except daughter's laptop does not have Adobe Acrobat on it. S was doing puzzles on Facebook, so I fired up the laptop. I can hardly wait till I get my own...and the taxes were done over the weekend. I'm hopeful that some sort of electronic device might be forthcoming!

We received six inches of snow overnight. The kids are already out of school for President's Day, and from watching the ticker during the news this morning, all schools who decided to use today as a make-up day are now looking for another one.

Meanwhile, up in Vancouver, where they actually need the snow, the temps are in the 50's. How do I know? First of all, during the Olympic coverage yesterday, they announced they were having trouble keeping snow on the ground, and the downhill events had to be rescheduled. Secondly, I talked to my sis, who confirmed that yes, temps were slightly above average. They can come get my snow; I don't want it! Or, the skiers are more than welcome to compete at neighboring Paoli Peaks. There might be enough powder on the slopes for them:)

I had a fantastic Valentine's weekend. Not the typical one, mind you. Normally it's the day to spend with your loved ones? Mine did me a huge favor and left! Saturday, I caught up on my L&O episodes; I read up to Ch 28 on Lesli's book (see above); I even got a brainstorm and sketched out an idea before joining the family at a friend's house, stopping to buy my bottle of chocolate wine before it was too late.

Sunday, I watched another friend's child; we had a Confirmation meeting for S; went out to eat after church (Mexican restaurant) and drank a slightly strong chocolate martini; came home and wrote 600 words while watching the ski jumping competition. Fixed dinner for the kids (adults were still too stuffed to eat) and watched the pairs figure skating. Drank one glass of the chocolate wine and crawled into bed.

Olympic Medals/Standings:
Sat: Men's 1500 Speed Skating:
Gold: Korea
Silver: USA's Apolo Ohno
Bronze: USA

Women's Moguls:
Gold: USA's Hannah ??
Silver: Canada
Bronze: USA's Shannon ??

Sunday: Men's Freestyle Moguls:
Gold: Canada (first ever gold medal at host Olympics!)
Silver: Australia (he was favored to win)
Bronze: USA (two other USA competitors wiped out on course during finals)

Pairs Figure Skating:
1st place: China (world record for highest ever score in short program: 76.66) Beautiful program!
2nd place: Germany; also well executed!
3rd place: Russia. The long program tonight should be veeeery interesting!

In other news...
I may have to bite the bullet. Someone actually commented yesterday they'd love to follow me on Twitter. They didn't leave their name, so I have no idea who they are. Is there anyone else who insists I become a Twit? Sigh.....that just sounds so wrong....


barbara huffert said...

Oh no! Don't do it! I've had my account for months and wish I didn't. Mostly all I do is post a quote now and then. If you tweet often as some do it'll cut into your already limited writing time. And you're already on facebook. Sometime you have to say enough's enough. Just my opinion, of course.

Molly Daniels said...

Don't worry Barb; I don't see it happening! I remember when all I had to do was check one email account. Now I have to check three, plus blogging, plus Facebook. And when I remember to do so, MySpace. The other day I finally updated my temporary website. It still had Head of the Class as the title of the new book, instead of Teacher's Pet!