Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday's Stupid Saying


Remember To Unlock The Bicycle Before You Ride It.

on a tag attached to a bicycle padlock made in China

Olympic Moment In History
A humorous moment occurred during last night's Opening Ceremonies: The torch lighters passed the final torch to Wayne Gretzky; he went around to his rehearsed spot...and stood there....and stood there....and suddenly the look on his face said it all. Something had gone wrong.

Was another torch carrier not where they were supposed to be?

"It appears something will be rising from the floor momentarily," toned Bob Costas.

"Technical difficulties; please stand by," I joked.

Two seconds later, Bob announced, "It appears that one of the doors may be malfunctioning; we can see one hatch isn't as open as the others..."

And when the torch did appear, only three columns were visible, but it still managed to light. When they showed the outside torch, you could see the difference between the two. The outside one had four columns.

And I was very impressed they observed a moment of silence in honor of the Georgian luge competitor who lost his life earlier in the day. That showed class.

In other news...
Daughter S and her friends went to see The Lightening Thief. S hasn't read the book and loved the movie. Her friend C read the book and was disappointed some scenes were left out ala Harry Potter. I'm looking forward to seeing it for myself.

Don't really have anything planned for the day, other than buying myself some chocolate wine for tomorrow, unless the SU goes out and gets it. Maybe I'll finally get the rest of Lesli's book read, and some more writing accomplished, should S decide she 'needs' the PC. Then again, I could always hook up her laptop on the kitchen table...

Stay warm and have a good day! Got news that Anny is home and doing well.


Unknown said...

Have a very happy Valentine's Day.

I keep forgetting the Olympics are on and haven't watched any of it. But I like the winter Olympics much better than the summer so I'll have to tune in.

Sandra Cox said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Molly.

Anny Cook said...

Hah. Thanks for the mention, Molly. Just getting around to reading this week's blogs!

Anny Cook said...

Hah. Thanks for the mention, Molly. Just getting around to reading this week's blogs!