Friday, February 26, 2010

Flashback Friday: Oops!

Currently Reading: I'm up to Chapter 7 on Tymber Dalton's Love At First Bight:) Still loving it!

I promised to take you through my Valentine's Day issues in the nineties and forgot all about it! So today you get an overview.

1990: I still think this was the day I threw my engagement ring at The Idiot and screamed at him to leave my apartment. Diary is in storage, so I can't confirm this! But anyone who's wanting to break their engagement...I tell 'em to pick a fight and throw the ring across the room. He'll get the picture!

1991: The SU and I had been dating for two months. He brought me a gigantic Hershey's Kiss, complete with its own glass container. The cover broke several months later, but the bottom half became a nice place to hold his Rosary. I also got a chocolate rose.

1992: My son K was two months old, and our tax money was in the bank. We went out to a nice dinner at the Olive Garden.

1993-Present: I usually cook a nice dinner, complete with a Red Velvet cake or cupcakes for the kids. Romance has slacked off, since the arrival of W in 2004, but I try to buy myself something and make it good for the kids. Sometimes we seem to do a 'Bundy Valentine's Day'; if you've ever seen the show Married With Children, you'll know what I'm talking about:) And today is the day I'm finally getting my laptop. He's reneged on the E-reader, unless he was only teasing me. I'll let you know tomorrow.

Feb 2000: I attended my second meeting as Concession Manager and felt better when a woman I recognized also attended. I asked more questions concerning my new duties, including one which had bugged me since the previous June: If the two home teams were playing each other, which team was responsible for the workers, the assigned 'Home' team or the 'Visitors'? The previous year, it hadn't taken me long to figure out the concession rep of the other Pee-Wee team didn't take her duties seriously. Several times, setting up the stand had fallen on me, even though we were supposed to do it together. And on the day our teams played each other, I took my camera, since we were the 'visiting' team. I opened the stand, let one of the teenagers work it until an adult showed up, and went to videotape my kid playing baseball.

The game began, and suddenly word came down that I needed to find someone to work the stand. I sent a message saying it wasn't my responsibility this week. Word came back that no one had shown up and the teenager was all alone with a crowd. I put down my camera, walked over to the OTHER team's parents, and asked for volunteers. Thankfully, two moms stepped up and agreed to relieve the teenager.

I was fuming. I'd provided workers faithfully each week, even working it myself, since we had two pregnant moms; only one mom who knew how to keep score; and the regular 'dugout mom'. So why was everyone upset with ME, when the other rep was clearly at fault?

And at the meeting, I learned there had been numerous complaints about the other rep, and yes, I had every right to be angry.

Next month: The shopping spree!

Olympic Update:
Women's Figure Skating Finals:
Gold: Korea
Silver: Japan
Bronze: Canada:)

The USA's medal streak came to a screeching halt. We placed 4th and 7th.

Nordic Combined:
Gold: USA's Bill Demong
Silver: USA's Johnny Spillane
Bronze: Austria

Freestyle Aerials:
Gold: Belarus
Silver: USA's Jeret Peterson
Bronze: China

Women's Hockey:
Gold: Canada
Silver: USA

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