Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday's Stupid Saying

Tech Support: What is your problem?

Customer: I was going to send an email to someone and wanted to know---will it get delivered today even though it's President's Day?

actual call to a computer helpline

I saw this on Monday and just knew I had to use it today! The header reads 'On those little computer postmen deserve a break too!'

Change of Plans:
Last night, I envisioned going to bed after the Olympic coverage or even before, and getting up early this morning to settle in with my L&O episodes before the rest of the family awoke. The SU and kids were going to J's house to finish hanging her kitchen cabinets, leaving me to basically repeat last Saturday. But at four-thirty, everything changed.

Seems my niece/stepdaughter J was about to be admitted to the hospital for more tests on her lower abdomen, and despite her brother, mother, and fiance, needed us to watch the kids for the weekend. Why? Everyone else was 'too busy'.

So the SU and I took off. We made it up to my SIL's house and visited for about an hour before loading the kids into the car. We stopped at one of our favorite buffet places (there isn't one in our town) and not only ate a delicious meal, but saw an old friend and chatted with the people at the table next to us. The son had overheard me talking Boy Scouts to Mr. Energy and joined in the conversation. Turns out he's about to go through his Eagle Board of Review, so yes, we had a lot to talk about:) The daughter is almost twelve, so naturally I told her mom what I happen to do for a living. I had almost taken my promo items with me, but at the last second had decided to leave them behind. The mom found a scrap piece of paper in her planner and wrote down my wordpress site address. Maybe I've picked up a customer or two; maybe not. But it was an enjoyable hour, talking with this family.

We arrived home around midnight and put the sleeping kids to bed. K and his friend D were still up; S had gone to J's house; W had been bathed and in bed for two hours. J had fed them pizza earlier in the evening.

Thankfully, the dogs let me sleep until 7:30, and Miss Drama Queen was already awake and trying to turn on the TV. She and I watched some of the Olympic coverage I'd DVR'd last night until ME and W woke up. I opened up the doughnut holes and sent the three younglings downstairs to play.

I THINK plans are still in place for everyone to head back to J's house. I think my hopes of a quiet writing day are gone. And tomorrow's going to be a challenge, with attending College Bowl Sunday and returning the grandkids to their home! Let's hope the snow holds off. Didn't have any weather problems last night, other than mild flurries thirty minutes from home.

Good news!
I went over to the university book store yesterday to inquire about another signing during Parents Weekend. Not only was it a definite YES, but my books are on the 'Local Author' shelf! I'll have someone take my picture next weekend next to it:)

Olympic Update:
Men's Super G:
Gold: Norway
Silver: USA's Bode Miller:)
Bronze: USA's Andrew Weibrecht

Ice Dancing (Compulsory dance):
1st place: Russia
2nd place: Canada
3rd place: USA's Davis/White
4th place: USA's Belbin/Agosto

Women's Skeleton:
Gold: Great Britain
Silver: Germany
Bronze: Germany
4th: USA
5th: Canada

Medal Standings:
USA: 20 (6 g, 6 s, 8 b)
Germany: 13 (4 g, 5 s, 4 b)
Norway: 10 (5 g, 3 s, 2 b)
Canada: 8 (4 g, 3 s, 1 b)

Have a safe weekend!


Ashley Ladd said...

So cool. You go girl!

I need to get mroe nerve to do booksignings and ask to have my books up locally.

DS1 is a computer techie and he used to work at a help desk. He heard it all. One of his favorite things to tell is "Code 18" which he used a LOT where I work when he used to work with me.

You probably know it but if not, it means "the problem is sitting 18" away from the computer monitor". Unfortunately, he wasn't joking most of the time about Code 18.

Sandra Cox said...

Woo Hoo! Congrats, Molly. Way to go.