Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday's Stupid Saying

It's so cruel what has happened to her. She wasn't allowed to wax or use a moisturizer. Her skin is so dry now.
friend of Paris Hilton, after Hilton was in jail for two days

(eye roll) What did she think jail was? A room at a Red Roof Inn? Gimmee a break...

I'll be spending most of the day over at, attending a publisher/author chat. I thoroughly enjoyed this chatfest last year and gleaned some valuable information.

I also received a cryptic email from fellow author BB Walter; seems she's now living across the river from me, instead of in St. Louis. I've invited her to our Super Bowl Party tomorrow. Hoping to catch up on what's been going on with her the last six months.

Super Bowl Fever!
The first Super Bowl party I can remember attending was in 1980. One of my friends hosted our entire Jr. High Youth Group from church. I spent most of my time in the basement, playing Ping-Pong and beating nearly everyone who challenged me to a game. Unfortunately, I was a poor doubles player, so I mainly played singles matches. With two minutes to go in the game, the rest of us left downstairs trooped upstairs and cheered the Pittsburgh Steelers to victory!

This year, we were torn between hosting the party here, or moving it to another friend's house, who has not only an HD flat screen, but a gigantic one in the living room. With the snow, however, we decided to go ahead and host it here. Anyone who's not interested in football (cough, SU, cough) can hang out in the warm kitchen.

Here's the menu for tomorrow:
-Huge pot of chili
-Veggie tray
-Shrimp tray
-Cheese and crackers
-Homemade pizzas
-Sugar cookie with 'CVS' (Colts vs Saints) in blue and yellow icing
-Assorted drinks
-Champagne to toast the winner!
-Plus, anything else our guests choose to bring, food-wise:)

Hopefully things will get back to normal next week. I also just found out my friend who passed away this week has been cremated and has already been laid to rest. His memorial service has been postponed due to the 8 inches received up there. Unfortunately, I still won't be able to attend; it is scheduled for Feb 21st, College Bowl Sunday. And since Mike was a huge supporter of K going to Purdue, I know he would have wanted us to attend, in order to learn all the ways in order to PAY for his education!

Stay warm and have a good weekend:)



Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

I'm sorry about your friend and his funeral. Hugs.

As per the Super Bowl, hubby is planning to watch and many of my other friends. I'm not a fan, however, so I was thinking about going to Borders to write and avoid it. Or at least I'll go to whichever room hubby isn't and watch something else on TV. The food sounds awesome, however. I could really go for some shrimp or chili.

Regina Carlysle said...

Oooh super bowl stuff. We're doing bar-b-que. YAY. Going for the Saints in our neck of the woods. Should be a good game.

Sandra Cox said...

Now that we know the menu, we'll be right over. grin.

Linda Kage said...

Well, I guess the Saints can't say they never won a super bowl now.

At least the game was good enough to watch right down to the last minute.