Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Recommended Read:)

Cross Country Chaos by Lesli Richardson, available at

Divorced mom Kelly Alexander wants her younger son, Denny, who is in a wheelchair due to spina bifida, to participate in sports. Kelly finds out about the Junior National Disability Games, but they're in Spokane, Washington, a continent away from her Florida home. She's clueless about what to do next.

Mart Rawlings is a single, handsome wheelchair athlete who volunteers to coach Denny and helps him qualify--and falls hard for Kelly. But past heartache over her cheating ex fuels Kelly's reluctance to get personally involved with him.

Kelly must survive a grueling cross country drive to Nationals with her sons and mother, but more importantly, can she make herself take a chance on love?

Cross Country Chaos is a funny, passionate, and at times cringingly honest story of healing broken hearts, rebuilding trust, finding love in unexpected places, and realizing sometimes the greatest disability is between a person's ears, not their body.

BookStrand Mainstream Romance

I loved, loved, LOVED this book! Yes, it took me over a week to read (thank you snowfall which kept my kids home and limiting my time on the computer, grrrrr....), but I found it to be a wonderful and humorous story about trust, love, and patience. I particularly enjoyed the scenes when Kelly was traveling to Spokane, Washington. I have visited some of the cities and sights described, and was disappointed to learn I missed a couple more 'must-see' attractions, lol:) It also painted a realistic picture of how guilt, mind games, and trust issues can affect even the most promising relationships, and how patience, plus actions instead of words expresses a person's true nature.

I've been told that at long last, I'm getting an e-reader. This book will always be on it, should my e-library get too full. Lesli joins a short list of e-authors whom I will gladly showcase their books wherever I go.

Next up: Amber Skyze's Ignited. I was slightly shocked when I read the first couple of pages, and had to scroll down to see if what I suspected was true:) Sorry Amber; I'll go back and read the first few pages in their entirety; you had my jaw hitting the floor and hoping fervently my knee-jerk reaction was false! Thankfully, it was, so I can relax and read:) Don't scare me next time!

Olympic Update:
Women's Luge:
Gold: Germany
Silver: Austria
Bronze: Germany

Women's Snowboard Cross:
Gold: Canada:)
Silver: France
Bronze: Swittzerland
(I felt sooooo sorry for USA's Lindsay Jacobellison! She had a rough landing in the first turn and just couldn't hang on!)

Men's Figure Skating, short program:
1st place: Russia's Yevgeny Plushenko
2nd place: USA's Evan Lysocek (LOVED his routine to Firebird!)
3rd place: Japan
4th place: Japan
5th place: Switzerland
6th place: USA's Johnny Weir (I won't repeat what my kids were saying about his costume!)
7th place: Canada's Patrick Chan

Six tenths of a point separates the top three. And nine points between first and seventh. The long program tomorrow night should be fantastic!

Medal Standings:
Germany: 9. 3 gold, 4 silver, 2 bronze.
USA: 8. 2 gold, 2 silver, 4 bronze.
France: 7. 2 gold, 1 silver, 4 bronze
Canada: 5. 2 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze


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LOL I hope you enjoy it! :o)

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Yay! I love my ebook reader. In fact, I'm going to get off line in a couple minutes to read before I write for today.

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YAY on the ebook reader, Molly. What kind are you getting?