Friday, February 5, 2010

Sad Week

Contrary to popular belief, I did NOT disappear from the planet:) I left on Sunday for a funeral; had a wonderful time with my bff and being away from family obligations; and even managed to sell three books.

Monday night, my daughter informed me the home PC had uploaded a virus while she was on Facebook. Wonderful.

"When are you coming home? I need to do my homework and you've got the laptop!"

"I'll be home on Tuesday."

I arrived home in time for my weekly writer's meeting, and asked one of my friends if he'd take a look at the PC. He took a look at the laptop and discovered my daughter had made a few changes to her laptop.

"I'll fix your PC if you make her promise not to undo any more of my work; there's no sense in me fixing it if she's not going to listen to me."

Wednesday went smoothly. Dropped off the PC and had a quiet day. Thursday began with a Care Conference for the MIL, and it was GOOD news, for a change! She's participating in more activities, going to therapy, and is gaining weight (she was down to 118 lbs at one point; she began at over 160!). The SU left for his cardiology appointment; I went to the store for needed grocery items and to get the youngling more pants and socks. I carried in a 40 lb bag of dog food; tripped over either Roxie (Cocker Spaniel) or the footrest of the couch and landed flat on my face, er, the dog food. My knees ached slightly, but they seemed okay. After school, J called with the news he'd fixed the PC. I went over to get it, and he showed me the new software he'd installed, to ensure safe web surfing. I took the youngling to his wrestling practice and noticed that going up and down stairs was getting progressively painful. We arrived home afterwards, greeted the SU, and got another bombshell: A good friend of ours had died unexpectedly on Monday from a brain aneurism. The funeral is Saturday.

Due to the weather coming in, it is doubtful we're going to make it. We're actually in the mild area of the storm, but to get to his funeral to be with his family, we have to travel two hours north, right smack in the center of the heaviest snowfall. Which is a shame; my two older kids were close to him; he's been their 'Uncle Mikey' for eighteen and fifteen years. This man smelled a pot roast being taken out of the deep freeze when he lived across the street; five minutes later, he called to ask me what time dinner would be served, LOL:)

We joked that six pounds of shrimp had been purchased for our wedding reception, and that Michael had eaten five of those pounds. My husband met him in 1986; I met him in 1988. He was thrilled when K called to let him know he'd earned his Eagle Scout rank, and wanted to give S a family ring for her birthday, since "She's the closest thing I'll ever have to a daughter of my own."

He will be missed, but he's also no longer in pain from the infections which have plagued him in the past ten or so years since undergoing hernia surgery.

After we ate dinner, I swallowed three Advils and iced both knees for fifteen minutes. Today they are better, with no bruising.

So there's the rundown of my week! Some highs, some lows, and some in-betweens. Now we're waiting anxiously to see how much snow we're going to get; when the freezing rain will hit; and settling in for a good Super Bowl game between the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints! I predict the Colts will win, with a good first half. Peyton Manning will then 'spank' Drew Brees:) Now if they just made half-and-half jerseys...Brees is a Purdue grad, so my hometown is torn between the two teams. But I say,

Go Colts!


Sandra Cox said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend, Molly.
Thinking of you.

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Sorry for your loss, Molly. Hugs to you and your family.

Anny Cook said...

Wow. Sounds like a busy, emotional week. Best wishes, Molly.