Monday, February 1, 2010

Angel Lois

Once upon a time two young girls met for the first time. Over the course of the next four years, they met each other's parents, spent time at each other's houses, and developed a solid, lifelong friendship.

One stood up with the other at her wedding. The other was ready to stand up if her friend's sister wasn't able to. Their girls were born a month apart. Each knows that if the one is hurting, the other will be there as soon as possible to ease the pain, if not in person, then by phone or email.

Last week, one girl lost her mother suddenly. Her best friend not only made arrangements to be at the wake and the funeral, but also for the day after.

I remember her mom taking us to buy a rug for our summer school dorm room. She and my mom enjoyed each other's company during Mom's Weekend, and even 'adopted' another roommate whose mom was unable to be there. One snowy Saturday, we curled up on the couch at her house and watched Cat Belou. Her mom tucked afghans around us and made us soup and sanwiches for lunch.

She listened patiently to boy problems, school problems, and roommate problems. And more recently, shared that same patience and wisdom with her granddaughters.

Yes, she will be missed, but we know she's no longer in pain and is embracing her Savior. Heaven's latest angel is smiling down at her daughter and saying, "Don't cry; everything will be all right!"


Linda Kage said...

Moms are wonderful people. My sympathies are with you and your friend.

barbara huffert said...

Many hugs dear Molly.

Molly Daniels said...

Thank you; today went better than expected. We're going to clean out her mom's closet tomorrow, and go through her jewelry. Her dad and brother are still in semi-shock; exhaustion has set in. As I said earlier, everyone is grateful I stayed today and tomorrow.