Friday, February 19, 2010


Currently Reading: Enjoyed Amber Skyze's Ignited:) Talk about a hot read! Whew...I was fanning myself and having to quickly scroll down during the final five pages, due to my teenagers hanging over my shoulder, wanting their turn at the computer.

Next up: Love At First Sight by Tymber Dalton.

This is the first day the kids have had a full day. But the SU has to have a chest CAT scan, because his cardiologist is concerned about his ascending aorta, and wants a better picture. Keep your fingers crossed everything is normal.

Writing News:
The last two months, I've been writing three hundred words here, six hundred there, and only two or three after that. So yeah, nothing is really 'flowing'. I got a mini-brain storm about my requested rewrite, but the family interrupted and the whisper left. We're supposed to get more snow tonight and Sunday, so maybe Saturday I'll be able to concentrate?

Get OVER It Already!
Yes, a certain personality will be making a statement later today. But do we really need story after story about either speculation about what he will say or the 'impact' this downfall has had on society? Let him and his family heal, people!

Olympic Update:
Women's Half Pipe Snowboarding:
Gold: Australia's Torah Bright (Pretty awesome; she went from last to first!)
Silver: USA's Hannah Teeter
Bronze: USA's Kelly Clark

Men's Figure Skating (final):
Gold: USA's Evan Lysocek!!! He skated flawlessly and proved that yes, you can win the Gold without a quadruple jump!
Silver: Russia's Yevgeny Plushenko (so much for his trash-talking attempts. Proof you should check your ego at the door, dude!)
Bronze: Japan's Takahashi. I don't get this decision. Takahashi fell down while USA's Johnny Weir was flawless, save for a slight bobble during a spin when his blade hit a rut. So why was Weir scored lower? I don't get it.

And yay for Canada's Patrick Chan for landing in 5th place, plus kudos to the other Japanese skater who had a skate lace malfunction and yet still went back out and finished his program!

Have a good weekend and stay warm:)


Regina Carlysle said...

Hope hubby's tests are okay.

Amber Skyze said...

Hope all goes well with they hubby's testing.