Saturday, October 25, 2008

Anniversary Party

These are the advertisements from an October, 1963 paper. I wasn't able to really get a good picture of it, but you get the idea! Everyone loved seeing the old ads.

The poster reads:
-First date: Fireworks at Butler Bowl 1961
-Sally broke off an engagement to date Mike
-Sally worked at Kreskie's lunch counter; Mike went every day for lunch before finally asking her out!
-Mike worked at Dairy Queen and he made the best chocolate sodas
-Sally's parents took bets on when Mike would finally kiss her
-Mike drove a 1963 Plymouth Fury to the wedding
-Mike and Sally were married at 7:30 pm so the hands of the clock would sweep upwards
-Mike was working at Lilly's to earn the money to go back to Purdue
-Sally was a senior at the IU School of Nursing
-Mike and Sally honeymooned in Washinton DC...2 1/2 years after they wed!

My parents. Mom thought she had her cake topper, but after tearing the house apart twice, she conceded she may have gotten rid of it after all...She did find a few of the original napkins!

Red roses from my parents' closest friends; 45 yellow ones from Dad and us kids.
Have a great weekend! My spouse and I will soon hit 18 years of (cough) wedded (cough) bliss, and my sister has been married for nearly 12.
And in five years, we've decided to do the whole thing again at a hotel banquet hall!


Sandra Cox said...

Very cool!
Eighteen years, hey.......

Bronwyn's Blog said...

How wonderful for your parents - I love the poster!

Matt and I just celebrated 18 years in June. :)