Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pukable Tuesday...

I need a handyman.


Found out yesterday that my sewer drain is clogged; I've poured two bottles of Drano (one small, one large) down the basement drain, and nada. Can't do the laundry, can't shower, can't hardly even flush the damn toilet! And I'm playing phone tag with the plumber.

On top of that, my internet connection is throwing a fit; I was able to get on briefly this morning, but now it won't cooperate. I'm on the neighbor's computer at the moment, and then I have to go back home and see if I've been 'tagged' again via the phone line.

And if that wasn't enough, I received word that my mother has been admitted to the hospital with pneumonia in her right lung. Please keep her in your prayers? I guess we partied her out this weekend...

UPDATE: She may get to go home tomorrow:)

But my MIL is out of the hospital; she was released last Thursday with a clean bill of health. I'm going to try to visit her this afternoon.

After I throw myself on the mercy of a friend and borrow their shower!

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Anny Cook said...

Best of wishes for your mom!

Good luck with the plumber!