Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday Stuff

Currently Reading: Read Isabella's Diary yesterday, and if you enjoyed Isabella's Story, you'll enjoy this conclusion! Also dove into Regina Carlysle's Tempting Tess, and it's a MUST READ! If you like the OW/YM stories, this one is fantastic! And I'm not just saying that because she's a friend. This is the first one I've read by her, and I'm looking forward to Killer Curves in a few weeks/months.

Next up: Tabitha Shay's Witch's Moon and Katie Blu's Office Politics. I read OP's first chapter, but had to stop because the heat level was causing an inappropriate reaction while all three children were in the same room! I'll have to read this one in private!

I don't know if Leno ever did this for a Jay-Walking segment; if anyone out there knows, let me know. This is priceless!

Talk Show Host Steve Allen (doing on the street interviews): If a person went on television and-um-running for presidency and admitted to being a heterosexual, could you vote for him?

Woman: Yes.

Allen: Good.

Woman: Yes.

Allen: On what grounds?

Woman: I don't know, but I would.

Allen: You don't know, but you still would?

Woman: Yes.

Allen: Have you ever voted for a heterosexual, do you think?

Woman: Oh, no, no! You're talking sexual. No, no, no! I'd never vote for that!

(This was labelled, On People Who Perhaps Shouldn't Vote)

2008 Muse Conference
Is going well! I've met people who are giving great advice with queries; e-pubbs I hadn't known of; people sharing ideas on how to make your pitch to editors better...all sorts of stuff! Scroll down for the link on yesterday's post and browse around!

Health News
I'm getting ready to head over and check on my MIL. I popped in to see her yesterday afternoon and she seemed back to her normal self, tormenting the nurses about everything. Hopefully the news will be good today, and she'll be out by the weekend?

UPDATE: She's going home tomorrow:) EKG is normal again! PTL:)


Regina Carlysle said...

This is too funny. Hard to believe these people sometimes. I love the Jay-Walking segments too. Kind of scary. LOL.

Thanks for reading Tempting Tess. So happy you liked it and the PLUG is always niiiiice. :-)

Anonymous said...

WOW! If that doesn't just say it all. Our education sucks eggs.

Sandra Cox said...

Sounds like you've picked some keepers to read. Enjoy them:)

JacquƩline Roth said...

That reminds me of the Leno (or was it Letterman) bit where they got young women to sign petitions to end "women's sufferage".