Thursday, October 9, 2008

Say What???

Currently Reading: Finished Boji Stones last night! I LOVE how she ties Bella (the heroine in book #2) into the storyline! Now I'm veeeery anxious to read Rose Quartz! Great job, Sandra!

Also read One Good Man by Lacey Thorn and Cindy Spencer Pape. I had to step out of the room to finish the laundry, and my daughter started reading where I'd left off, and now SHE wants to read it! Since she's only 14, I may make her wait a few years. Maybe I'll give her Sandra's book!

Next up: Won Tabitha Shay's Witches Brew and Witches Heart yesterday in a chat. It really is true what they say about have to get your material in front of people 10 times! I'd seen Tab's excerpts on the digests, but wasn't that interested. And then she joined me in a chat last week, and I liked her other pen name's books. Yesterday, she had an author day on the Novel Sisterhood, so I popped in to say hello, and got caught up reading her Witch excerpts, and LOVED them! She ran three contests, and voila, I won two of them! Thanks Tab!

"Since we've had children together, I have to approve anyone you decide to date..."

My stepdaughter came home with this announcement from the father of her children. After I picked my jaw up from the floor, I asked her if she'd said the same to him.

"I didn't even bother with a response. I just rolled my eyes and left."

Can you believe the arrogance? Yes, the man fathered her two children. But he also tried to kill her four years ago; he's got an internet girlfriend; no job; and yet expects J to drive him to school once a week.

And she's not entirely blameless, either. She welcomes taking him to school, because she can use his computer while he's gone. No, they don't live together. And haven't since before he pulled the knife on her a month after she officially left the relationship.

I think that statement belongs in my 'Stupid Sayings' file.

In Other Happy News...
I have a new niece/granddaughter!

Baby Ava Tatiana Diane made her appearance Monday night! Her big sister Joanna (I call her Jodi) will be two at the end of this month, and her proud papa's birthday is on Saturday. If she'd been born ten minutes later, she'd have shared my sister's birthday! No pictures yet; they'll probably come in the Christmas card.

I know...big name for an 8 lb, 2 oz baby girl!

Even Better News...
(I know...what can possibly top a new addition to the family?)
My van has been fixed!

We still need to fix the rear heat vacuum valve, and the lower intake gasket. Those repairs will be taking place later this month. But in the meantime, I'll have wheels again, and won't have to ask my neighbors for a ride to my next signing, or the bank, or even to pick up kids from school.

On a down note, I'm going to have to give back my loaner car. And I just discovered the radio displays the title and artist of what is playing on the radio! Think they'd let me swap out the stereos, ha ha? I've discovered I like Incubus. Don't know what the song was called; I heard it yesterday before I found out about the display. The lead singer sounds like Tommy Shaw; I'll have to look up the band.

In Politics...
The Democrats called me yesterday, and was surprised when I voiced my concerns about both presidential candidates. At the end of the conversation, I simply said, "I'll just have to pray that God leads me to the right decision when I cast my vote. I'm still trying to decide which one is the lesser of two evils."

Flash News:
Good news! There are only two defective files on my flash; one is the brainstorm I told you about yesterday, and I'm still irked over having to recreate the second chapter. But it could have been worse; I might have had to redo the entire thing! The other one is my rewrite of another book, and...(happy dance!) I found it on my hard drive:)

Note to self: Save all documents on hard drive, floppy disk, and flash until I get a new CDW drive...

Okay. I'm finished rambling. Time for me to go get my van!

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B.B. Walter said...

Go ahead and ramble...My grandma used to say it does a heart good! :)
Congrats on the baby girl, and on the fixed van!!

Also, understand happy dance over the flash drive issue. (I've lost too much to corrupted files, so I always back up every which way from Sunday.)

Have a good one!

barbara huffert said...

Huh? He approves who she dates? That's a joke, right? Sorry, have to go back and read the rest now. Too stunned by that concept to contnue the first time.

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Hope you liked the book, Molly! But, no, probably not for the 14-year-old.

Sandra Cox said...

Thanks, Molly! Glad you liked it:)