Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cold Thursday...and a Recommended Read:)

Currently Reading: I loved Vicki Burkholder's Danger on XY-One! It's nearly 200 pages, but believe me; it keeps you scrolling! Definitely hop over to Cerridwen Press and pick it up! I've got her Prime Time coming up in a few weeks; can't wait!

Next up is Cheryl Dragon's Inking Aaron. And since no one has responded about Lesli Muir Lytell's book Kidnapping Romeo, I'll delete it from my list next week. I'm going to toss out the question on the chat loops and see if anyone there knows. I found a Leslie Muir who writes picture books; I emailed her to see if she was the same one, but she's not responded yet. I checked with EC, CP, and TEB. Nope; not there. Haven't checked Loose ID or TWRP or even Resplendance yet either.

Thank you for the kind words yesterday! I gave myself permission to ignore my wip. What ? Are you crazy? No; I simply wanted a day to catch up on my TV stuff. I had 3 One Tree Hills and 4 90210 (3 original, one new) to watch. And now I'm caught up and can DVR Saturday's shows with no guilt!

We've had frosty windows the last two days. Thankfully, it will end tonight, as lows are only supposed to be in the high 40's again, and our 'Indian Summer' will kick in this weekend. Bring it on! I could stand low 70's the rest of the year! Does this mean I belong closer to the Equator?

We did NOT go to the pumpkin patch. Why? Toddler got a pumpkin at school. I was all set to go anyway, but my teens suddenly lost all interest. Daughter wanted to work on her costume, and oldest son decided to hang out with his friends. And as I wanted this to be a FAMILY thing, we'll do it next year.

We did go over to storage and get our light up Casper and large pumpkin. And daughter had bought a spiderweb, so we stretched it over the entire porch front. Now if we can just locate the pumpkin's light source...we either left it in storage or stole it for one of the Christmas displays. We'll return to the storage unit if we can't find it with the Christmas stuff. Or rig up something else. I know I have a picture from last year; I'll try to post it tomorrow.

Update on Allergy Test
He's highly allergic to grasses, pollen, trees, weeds, and dust mites. Yeah, that much we already knew. And he's also showing a sensitivity to goose feathers. Uh-oh...time for him to quit sleeping on top of his goose-down mattress cover! The good news? Our new home has hardwood floors. Perfect for his allergy problem. The bad news? I'll have to encase his new bed in allergen-control material. Pretty pricey for his double-bed. And the kid likes his pillows; he sleeps with three.

Hop over to Dakota's blog and cheer her up. Her vamps don't want to play with her right now. And while you're over there, speculate on what Mr. Rebel has planned for her on Saturday! And check out the Grip; they've been posting pics of their office areas. Also visit Mona Risk and see her beautiful pictures from China! She's running a contest too.


Regina Carlysle said...

Buying the new bedding is still cheaper than having your kid sick and running back and forth to doctors. Fortunately there are lots of good allergen free bedding things out there so YAY. I gave my son allergy shots until he finally outgrew the allegies and every monday night I have to give my husband a shot. At least they stay healthy with them

KellyMarstad said...

Your first lines were appropriately placed, by the way. They started in the middle of the action. That was the key thing.

Molly Daniels said...

Thanks Kelly:)

Oops...I failed to mention #1 son starts a new allergy med AND allergy shots next week! He took the news like a trooper.