Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday Madness

Currently Reading: Wow! Office Politics is HOT!! It's another Must Read:) I also finished Witch's Moon by Tabitha Shay, and this series is not your typical warlock-meets-witch- they- fight- they- make- up- all- is- well. Nooooooo...this series throws more twists at you before you can breathe! No word on when #4 will be out yet.

Next week, I'll be reading Confessions of a Nympho by Ashley Ladd, Daffodil by Anny Cook, and Mad about Mirabelle by Amarinda Jones. And speaking of whom, thoughts and handshakes to her.

On the To-Do list:
-Get rat food
-Remind neighbor to feed and water rats
-Pick up toddler from school
-Visit MIL
-Check in frequently at forum, to see if any questions or comments
-Clean kitchen, or make daughter do was her job last night and she 'forgot'.
-Remember to pack dog food (Lucky's going on trip w/us)
-Stay calm.

Today's Riddle:
Does anyone know what the following items are?
-interlocking slide fastener
-portable hand-held communications transcriber

Answers will be available tomorrow!

I'm leaving town (duh!) tonight, and will post from my mom's computer the next 3 days. Check the links to the right and see what everyone else is up to.


barbara huffert said...

Have a safe trip and a fantastic visit!

anny cook said...

Travel safely.