Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween:)

Currently Reading: Finished Inking Aaron; I need to ask Cheryl if this is a sequel to Sorority Girl Pledge. Some characters sound familiar. I'm also loving Rose Quartz! I think I'm on Ch. 4.

I love living in town. Why? The kids get to trick-or-treat two nights in a row!

To be fair, it can be hard on the parents, providing candy both nights. But I remember being a kid and not ready for the evening to be over.

We had about twenty houses in our neighborhood, so in two hours we'd made the rounds. I always wanted to put on another costume and make another loop! But Mom always said no.

Some businesses had the Safe Trick-or-Treating last night; others along a particular stretch of road are doing it tonight. My daughter and her friend took the toddler around a three-block area, and returned with bulging sacks.

Then, the toddler decided to hang out on the front porch and hand out the candy.

Every time our 'Jose Jalepeno on a stick' (talking skull on a spike) would go off, my four-year-old would yell, "We've got customers!" and run down to the sidewalk with his jack-o-lantern, which he filled with candy when Mom refused to let him carry the cauldron which held the rest of the candy.

And when there was a lull, I caught him down on the corner, handing out Nestle Crunch Bars to anyone who would take them. (Yes, I hauled him home and put him in Time-Out for not staying on the porch!)

Tonight, he and I will make the rounds in the opposite direction from where he went last night, and afterwards, I might pop in Phantom of the Opera and settle down with a White Russian or two.

NaNo starts tomorrow; how many are participating this year?

Be safe tonight everyone, whether you're at a party or making the rounds with your own children. I'm ordering pizza at 4 pm, so be here early if you want to hang out!


Gracen Miller said...

Hi, Molly! We're doing the trick-or-treating rounds tonight as well. You had me chuckling over the "we have customers" comment your son made! lol Kids can be so much fun.

We're carving pumpkins as soon as the boys get off the bus today. Have you carved any pumpkins?

Happy Halloween! Stay safe, have fun and stay away from the goblins, leprechauns and monsters!!! In my family my two boys would qualify as all three. ;-)

Nano...*waves hands* I'm doing it. I guess I need to go login to see if anyoone has friended me. My username is gracenmiller and I'll run off to see if I can find you. I think you posted your username on Sarah's TDV Wednesday blog. I'll double check. I'm excited and anxious about the whole prospect. Excited because I'm committing myself to writing and anxious because I'm afraid I won't be able to make it to write every day or won't complete what I started out to do OR, worse yet, that my muse will remain silent. I'm not even sure how cooperative my family is going to be about the whole thing. When I told them what I was doing, I got a blank look from my oldest son, along with an "okay"; a grumble from my husband, along with rolling of the eyes--I seriously wanted to smack him; and a "cool" from my youngest son. He's always my best supporter.

Kenzie Michaels said...

Yeah; by the end of Novemember last year, I was getting the eye roll and 'aren't you done YET?' attitude from all family members. There's nothing like having a major meltdown in your teen's principal's office:)

I learned a major lesson last year: I have a strong perfectionist streak in me, so this year I gave myself 'permission' to not kill myself doing it.

Sandra Cox said...

Thanks for the honorable mention. Glad you like it:)

Carol said...

I'm doing NaNo again this year, but like a crazy woman, I have changed my story on the eve of NaNo. I have plotted for two weeks and now I am changing to a completely different story. I think I've gone off the deep end.