Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Drum Roll Please...

You just never know what will happen at signings, do you?

When I first began promoting my book, waaaay back in 2003, I typed up a two-page general overview of my Arbor U series. In it, I briefly described all fourteen books. Now, five years later, I found out someone important has read it.

A friend of his picked it up, read it, and said ' this.'

I was contacted last week with the news that a publisher is interested in my entire series, even to the point of rereleasing the first e-format!

My first reaction was, ' I can correct my title and the huge mistake!'

My second reaction was 'Proceed with caution.'

I have yet to meet him in person; he wants to read Love is Sober first. But he does want to sit down on a professional level with me soon, as he is projecting the release date for February.

I asked questions last night to the person who brought me the news; all about copywrite, format, royalties, etc and all were answered to my satisfaction. So keep your fingers crossed; say a prayer that this is the opportunity I've been waiting for.

The other piece of good news is I've been offered a slot in an anthology released by the same publisher. One of the novellas I wrote over the summer would fit the theme; I just need to hear back from the other publisher I sent it to! If it gets rejected, then I can use it. But if it gets accepted, and the other one refused, I've still got material. But if both are accepted...Molly needs to get busy!

Check out the links to the right; I have a busy morning ahead. Oldest son is finally getting his allergy test at 10am and I have to pick him up at 9:30. Now we'll find out if there is something else he's allergic to, or if we just need to switch his meds.


Regina Carlysle said...

This is GREAT news, Molly! I'm so happy for you.

Bummer on the allergy testing. This is a pretty stressful ordeal. My son and husband have both been through this and it's NOT FUN. Be prepared for itchy itchy backs afterwards.

Molly Daniels said...

He had the back test ten years ago. This one is on his arm. He's doing fine; just slightly sore from the steroid shot! Next week he starts weekly allergy shots. VERY allergic to dust mites, grasses, weeds, and mold. NOT PETS:) So in short, I just have to wrap the kid in bubble wrap twice a year...or send him to the Arctic???

Gracen Miller said...

Woohoo!!! *happy dancing around* That's exciting news!!!! Congratulations! I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you.

I've got my fingers crossed for your son and hope he'll get better soon. Do you think it's considered parental abandonment and/or child abuse if we were to bubble wrap our children and send them to the Arctic? This sounds like a fabulous idea at this moment and for me it has absolutely nothing to do with allergies. ;-)

Gracen Miller said...

Oh, I forgot to add that you were Saturday's Contest winner of Fallen to Earth, so make sure you e-mail me your e-mail address so I can forward it on to the author.

Wow! It's been your lucky week so far...winning a book AND biggest and best of all, a possible e-book publishing deal!!!!

barbara huffert said...

Wow Molly that's awesome! Keep us posted. Going to dance in the street in your honor even though I'm already in my pj's.

Anny Cook said...

Congrats, lady. Best wishes for alllll of it!

Carol said...

Fantastic news, Molly! Margarita's for everyone.

Sandra Cox said...

Many congrats, Molly. Absolutely wonderful. So happy for you!

Sandra Cox said...

Congrats on the Anthology! You're on a roll, Ms. Molly:)