Friday, October 24, 2008

Personality Changes

My sister complimented me last week.

We were eating lunch at Panera Bread when she thought she spotted someone she recognized from our days in church Youth Group.

"Molls...isn't that Julie Williams?"

I didn't recognize the name. "Who's Julie Williams?"

"You know...from Youth Choir. And you went to school with her. Over there."

I look; the blonde woman looks vaguely familiar. And then it hits me...yes, it IS Julie, but I knew her as Julie Kuipers! So I got up and went over, disregarding my sister hissing at me frantically not to worry about it.

"Excuse me...are you Julie?" I introduced myself; she seemed happy to see me; I indicated my sister, who smiled and came over. We had a swift 'so-how-are-you-what-have-you-been-up-to' moment, where twenty years of info are exchanged in ten minutes, and then we said goodbye and left.

"Boy, have you changed! I can't believe you went over and introduced yourself like that! Where do you find the courage?"

I thought about it. "She and I had been friends at one point, and I guess being on this promotion kick has spured my confidence in myself."

And it has! Twenty years ago, my sister was the one who approached people confidently, and waved me over with the 'it's-who-we-think-it-is' signal. She was the one who took chances. And if I was daring enough to do something, she convinced me not to do it, out of fear of embarrassment.

"More power to you! I admire you for having the guts to get out there and do what you're doing!"

And when I admitted I was terrified of large group situations, she laughed.

"I'm just the opposite! I'm more comfortable in the large group! But one-on-one scares the hell out of me..."

So we've both changed. And we're working to overcome our insecurities:)

Fall Break
My daughter is at a friend's house; the toddler is happily watching Franklin; my oldest is sound asleep. And it is raining.

Today is also Chore Day, as my teens made a mess in the living room last night, watching CSI (DVR) and Supernatural. I have one more errand to run this week, so when I return the LR is getting picked up, dusted, and swept. And the rat cage cleaned.

Washington DC, Here We Come!
Attended the meeting last night. About a dozen parents showed up! I'm excited by the trip, and spoke to my spouse about it this morning. He gave me the go-ahead to sign up as a chaperone, and agreed that this trip is important for our daughter's education. Our oldest was able to go to Chicago with his school band, and on Boy Scout trips to the Boundary Waters and Challenger Learning Center. S has been left out, since she dropped Girl Scouts (long story!) and is no longer in band. Finding something she is interested in has been discouraging; but watching her eyes light up when she was telling me about it made me determined to do everything in my power for her to be able to go. And if I'm able to go along as a chaperone, then fantastic! There's a lot I didn't get to do back in 1983, as we were only there for one day. This trip is 4 days. I expect to have a fabulous time and have a memory card full of pictures.

Internet Problem Solved!
Our router/modem/whatever that box is called needs replaced. AT&T is replacing it at no charge, and our new (and newer model!) box will be here next week! And hubby just asked me if I wanted a laptop for Christmas. I said yes; either that or an e-reader. How many books does the Sony hold, anyway? Will it hold the 100+ I already own? Or will I have to pick and choose which ones to put on it? Guess I'm going to have to take a look at them seriously now!

Have a great weekend; I'm going to try to post some pictures tomorrow from last weekend's anniversary party. Stop by and see what Ashley, Anny, Dakota, and Regina are talking about today!


Sandra Cox said...

Good job on the self confidence surge, Molly!

Molly Daniels said...

Thanks...I credit my waitressing duties for part of it!