Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Computers Problems...Grrr...

Currently Reading: Boji Stones, by Sandra Cox. Oh. My. God. Another why-the-hell-did-I-wait-so-long-to-buy-this-one-head-slap moment. I'm on page 37 and if it weren't for the following issue, I'd be reading more right now! In other words, I'm loving it! If you've not read it, go get it! I guarrentee I'll have it finished by tonight! And my Amazon order shipped! I may get Linda's book sooner than I thought!


A young writer furiously types as the words flow from her fingertips. She lifts her head as the scene ends; wow! 5 pages have elapsed on her previous document that was stuck on line #2 of page #2.

Satisfied with her brainstorm, she hits 'save'. And then decides to reread it. Oops, it is saved on her hard drive, not the flash drive. She saves it to the flash, and rereads.

Another idea sparks; she hits the 'enter' key and moves to the next page. She types 'Chapter 2' and soon more words, about half a page, appear on the screen. She hits 'save' and checks the time. Time to quit writing and fix dinner for her soon-to-be-hungry children.

An hour later, she exits the house and is soon seated at her favorite cafe. She boots up the laptop and plugs in her flash. She is eager to show her brainstorm to the person who challenged her to write the damn thing in the first place.

But there is a problem. ERROR appears; she does the logical thing and tries to restore it. Nope, nada, nothing happens. When her friends arrive, she explains her trouble and they try to find the document. No luck either.

Several hours later, after the impromptu birthday party, she arrives home and contacts her favorite computer geek.

"Your problem is your desktop is in XP, and the laptop is VISTA. The two are not compatible..." He tells her how to possibly retrieve it.

She remembers she DOES still have the first chapter still on the desktop, so all is not completely lost! If the file cannot be opened, surely she can recreate the half a page that is actually missing?

Check back; the problem may be solved as soon as the young author quits blogging and gets back to work!


Sandra Cox said...

Good luck to young writer, glad she has a techy friend:)

Thanks for the positive feedback on Boji Stones. So glad you're enjoying it.

Molly Daniels said...

I absolutely LOVE Boji Stones:)

And I think I can rewrite half a page, so everything is good there!