Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ways to Say 'I Love You'

Currently Reading: Nothing. I dowloaded Dreams of Chimborazo, but it won't open! I'll have to try again. I also won Elaine Charton's EZ Lovin', but the attachment she sent me won't open either. I'll have to contact her later today:)

Ever notice how it changes over the years?

Age 12: A look, a smile, a 'hi, how are you?' from your crush, and it's instant love.

Age 15: Your boyfriend gives you his HS ring. "He loves me!!"

Age 16: "I'm falling in love with you."

Age 19: Sex for the 1st time. 'Nuff said.

Age 25: "Will you marry me?"

Age 30: Bringing flowers w/o being asked.

Age 35: Letting you sleep in while he takes the kids out to breakfast.

Age 42: Bringing home 40 lbs of meat because your favorite butcher is now 90 minutes away and the prices in your new town are outrageous, due to the economy!

Have a good day; I'm off to get ready for church, finish the laundry, and spend time with my family! MIL is out of the hospital, my van is in the shop, and my deep freeze is about to be stuffed with meat, repackaged into meal-size portions:) As soon as I go get some more freezer paper, Ziplock bags, and storage containers.


Ashley Ladd said...

Ah... That's good to think about. Maybe the hubby is telling me more than I realized that he still loves me. Thanks! I can't wait for all that meat from my favorite grocery store or my impromptu Skyline Chili he brings home for me.

Have a happy Sunday.

Sandra Cox said...

I'm still waiting for the flowers. grin. I think I told you about the roses he left in the hot car for me:)