Friday, October 3, 2008

Decisions, Decisions...

Currently Reading: Finished Ashley Ladd's The Perfect Gift yesterday, and aside from finding a small wardrobe detail, I enjoyed it! I'm looking forward to her other books as well!

Also read Brynn Paulin's Redemption: Incubus, and found it highly enjoyable:) Thanks for explaining what exactly an incubus is, Brynn! I wasn't exactly sure from reading other incubi books. And it was not at all predictable!

Print book: Read Steven C. Scheer's Hollywood Values, strictly because he examines both Dead Poet's Society and Erin Brockovich, two movies I absolutely love. Wasn't that thrill with the rest of his movie assessments, but as he says, 'No two people see the same movie' and the same goes for books. Everyone has their own interpretation.

Several books I've read are now up for "Best Book...." awards over at Night Owl Romance. I went over and some categories were easy. I'd only read one author. No brainer there! But I had a tougher time in other categories! Hmmm...who to choose....

I settled on one book I'd loved...and then as I was scrolling down, oops, there's another! ACK! And a third...HELP! So I stopped and considered the three books. And one of them was just slightly more memorable, so I voted.

Nope, not gonna tell you which ones. I know it's mainly a popularity contest, and if I ever get lucky enough to be nominated, I know I'll be wildly excited and hope I get several votes, or even win:)

So go vote for your favs, and who knows? Maybe our authors will win, after all!

Book Signing Tonight
I'll be on display tonight at the Blue Moon Art Gallery, here in town. I've sent out several personal invitations; will anyone show up? I hope so! Maybe I'll even sell a copy or two.


Penster said...

I have a signing on Dec. 5th at the Blue Moon Gallery. I wish I could show up at yours but I have my own commitments here. Good Luck.

Molly Daniels said...

I'll put yours on my calendar:)

Molly Daniels said...

Forgot to mention: I'm having problems w/javascript again. Every time I try to create a hyperlink, it shuts down on me! That's why the NOR link doesn't work. I'll keep trying throughout the day:)

Anonymous said...

Yep that Brynn is a great writer. Good choice!