Saturday, October 4, 2008

I Need New Friends:)

Currently Reading: Just finished Fearful Secrets by Donna Martin Geiser. Wow...I'm soooo glad I bought this! It was her grandmother's story, growing up in a small, judgemental town in the early 1900's. I loved it, because it shows the how a person can rise about their circumstances and not sink to the level of closed-minded, bigoted people. I'd like to think we've evolved in the last 108 years, but somewhere, these mind-sets still prevail. And it's sad. I'm heading over to check out Donna's site and let her know how much I enjoyed it.

E-book: I found Leigh's book! Am buying it in a few minutes. I'll have to scroll down and see what I'm buying this coming week:) Or simply pop in my flash...

In this town, at least:) The only ones who showed up last night had already BOUGHT my books!

But that's okay...I met other artists and handed out promo material. Vista is going to love me this week when I have to order more! At the end, Anita and Carol invited me back next spring; maybe the downtown traffic will be more active, since the night I'm scheduled is also the first 'Fresh Air Flics' (outdoor movies) to be shown in the 2009 season. They also took one copy of each book (all I could spare for now!) to display in the gallery, and if you want to see me on the Blue Moon site, click here and click on the third character (with the beret) and you'll see my name to click on. Bear with me; I'm still getting the hang of this hyperlink thing, and I may later figure out the link that goes directly to my info!

Was I disappointed that I had little support? Not at all. I had ordered pizza for my kids; they were safely at home; I got to talk about my series, writing, and other authors for three hours. Plus eat all the chex mix, sausage-stuffed mushrooms, and Krackel candy bars I wanted:)

Sex vs Plot
Apparently I'm continuing to mind-boggle people about why I buy erotic books, and skim over most of the sex. I do read the first sex scene; it's just that sometimes, I'm more interested in the conversation/conflict than what takes place in the bedroom. And I like my friends' books; otherwise I wouldn't bother! But once again, I read them multiple times! I'm not a person who simply forgets a book once I've read it (unless, of course, I've absolutely hated it- very rare for me!) and this explains why I don't particularly like to check out books from the library. Sometimes I will, but I'll also go buy them. This is evident in my school's library; remember when we actually had to sign our names on the card? There were several in which my name took up the entire card! God I'd love to have some of those titles I read in Junior High...for some reason I was fascinated with the 'I was a Teenage Alcoholic' one. And no, I didn't start drinking until I was 19, and only rarily. After I hit 21, well, that was a different story!

But getting back to the point, I'm not reading these books and complaining about the pages of sex. I agree with Regina on this point...if you're a professional reviewer and don't like erotica, don't review the book! Or at least, try to remain objective?

Send hugs over to Dakota. She's feeling down today.

Update on my Sat am viewing: BH 90210 is in their senior year of college, and this is when the series began to get tired, in my opinion! I'm still watching it; it's being DVR'd as I type. The teens are still asleep; the toddler's watching Dora. I'm taking advantage of the fact I can use the computer w/o hearing complaints!

Have a great weekend:)


Sandra Cox said...

Chex Mix would have done it for me:)
Dakota, hope you're feeling better.

barbara huffert said...

I still have some of my library cards. Interesting to look back at what I read when I was a kid.

B.B. Walter said...

Sorry I couldn't make it in time, hon. Problematic client at work; we were all supposed to get off early, and I ended up staying late. It sucked.

Sorry the evening didn't go as planned, but at least you did get to meet and greet other authors and artists.

Dakota...Big ol' teddy bear hugs your way!

I'm the same way...Renting is odd for me. I go through these bursts where all I do is rent for a month or so...then I'm back to buying books. I usually end up buying the books from the library cause I liked them too much to give back. *sigh* Oh well!

Anyway, just wanted to let you know where I was. Glad you had a good time and...WOOT! to the Chex Mix!

Regina Carlysle said...

Hm. This topic about the sex/story in books is really getting around. Anny Cook has been talking about it too. She even has a poll on her blog. Very interesting to see the results of this one.