Thursday, October 23, 2008

Water, Water Everywhere!

Currently Reading: I now have a new favorite AJ book! I loved Mad About Mirabelle! I also read Ashley's Confessions of a Nympho and enjoyed it! Both books were page-scrollers. And as I was having internet issues, and creative blockages, I read all afternoon in between laundry loads. Next up is Going Down by Tea Trelawny.

How, you ask? It's not rained; my drain clog has been removed. What's the latest problem in this old house?

The washer hose detatched itself. And I didn't find it until the fourth load.

The washer and dryer are in my basement. The first three loads were jeans, colors, and my oldest son's sheets. The fourth included towels, which I keep behind the shower, at the very back wall. The washer sits near the middle of the room to the front of the shower. So when I put the towels away, I noticed water all over the back section of the basement, which is usually pretty dry! No one had showered yesterday morning; the toddler hadn't been in the basement; I decided to wait to see what happened when the washer drained.

And fifteen minutes later, found the geyser spraying out of the back of the washer.

I pushed the hose back into the pipe, and all is well again!

Now we have another section of the floor to clean, as well as the carpet.

What a week it has been!

Meeting, Take Two!
Did I mention that five children in my daughter's class FAILED to inform their parents the Washington DC meeting had been cancelled? It's being held tonight. We'll see how many kids actually TOLD their parents about it. And since there's another opportunity next week, I may attend it out of curiosity. Are my daughter and her four classmates the only ones with a selective hearing ability, or does it affect all eighth-graders? Stay tuned...

Today on the To-Do list:
-Finish laundry (1 load)
-Pick up pictures from Walmart
-Vacuum the upstairs
-Dry out the basement floor

Update on Mom:
Apparently all the beds in the hospital are occupied; Mom is still in CICU, where, even though she's doing better, it is the only bed available at the moment. Which means all our communications are through Dad, as she has no phone in her room, and we can't seem to catch our father in the CICU. So as of yesterday, she was still doing well. My sister DID arrive back in Vancouver safely, and in fact is looking forward to her first parent/teacher conference with her kindergartener. I'm sure word will come back that he "is a joy to have in the classroom":) Even though he does tend to tell long-winded stories! No joke: If he starts to tell you something, be prepared to listen for at least fifteen minutes! Takes after his great-grandmother, lol!

Or maybe it comes from his dad's side. Who knows?

Have a great day! And thoughts and prayers to Brisbane...I thought it took place last week.


Anonymous said...

Ugh! So sorry about the flooding. We had that happen here but discovered it after a single load. I don't envy you the mess.

Regina Carlysle said...

I adore everything written by Amarinda. Fabulous and funny!