Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Memories

First Snow Of The Season! Thanks Brynn....I tell you I don't want to see it south of I-70 and you send it anyway! At least it was only an inch, and the kids are thrilled they have a two-hour delay....

The Early Show showed off the e-readers Nook, Kindle 2, and Sony. I'm still undecided between the Nook and the Sony.

Christmas 1979
I posted this story last year, but over the summer while looking through the photo albums, discovered my memory had been off by a year. Enjoy:)

I believe this was year of the infamous 'let's tape Christmas morning' action by my mother.

The morning began as usual; my sister woke me up (she was 8, I was 13) and we spotted our respective piles under the tree, and speculated on what some of the boxes contained. We woke up Mom and Dad and waited anxiously while Dad turned on all the lights, turned up the heat, and turned on the radio/tape player of Christmas tunes. We always opened our stocking gifts first, and consumed the traditional Ding-Dongs, malted milk balls, and chocolate covered cherries. After the small stuff and candy were oohed and aahed over, we trooped into the living room to open the gifts under the tree. I took the comfortable chair; my parents the couch, and my sister sat on the floor and handed out the presents. She sat right in front of the TV.

Did I mention my sister gets quite vocal when she's happy?

I'm surprised the entire neighborhood didn't congratulate her on the presents she received! Especially her new Miss Piggy puppet.

"It's Miss Piggy! Mom! Miss Piggy! I got Miss Piggy! Oh, I LOVE Miss Piggy! Molls, look! Miss Piggy!" And on and on it went...

We also had a small fight over Shaun Cassidy albums. Mom had bought two, and wrapped them together so we could choose which one we wanted. Sis already had one; I had neither. I wanted his debut album, but since Wendy already had the newer one, she argued she should get the debut album. After some mild bickering, I agreed to let her have it and would use some of my birthday money to buy my own.

After all the presents were unwrapped, my mother said that one present had rolled under the television. Wendy retrieved it, and tore off the paper.

"A tape recorder? But...the box feels empty!"

Mom laughed. "Look behind you." She stood up and pointed out the tiny black contraption on top of the TV. "I've been taping you all morning!"

"Mooottthhherrr! You didn't!"

She rewound the tape and unfortunately managed to stop it right when Wendy was screeching about Miss Piggy!

"Maybe we should have made her sit elsewhere..."

18 Days Left:
Gifts Bought: Going shopping this week.
Cookies Baked: Do brownies count? S made a batch, but they were all gone by morning.


Anny Cook said...

Christmas memories...the best part about Christmas.

Unknown said...

I love hearing about Christmas memories. :)

Regina Carlysle said...

AWWWW...cute cute story.

Linda Kage said...

Regina stole my line. I was gonna say AWWWWW!! But seriously, what a Christmas to remember. 1979 was an important Christmas for me too. It was my first. But I was only 2 months old, so I don't remember any of it.

Molly Daniels said...

LOL Linda:) My first one was in 1965...I was only six days old:) Mom brought me home in my stocking for Christmas Eve. And in 1969 I was only 4...still no memory of it.