Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Pics

Our tree. Thanks to a 'Secret Santa', there were more presents under the tree. And W decided to rearrange the ornaments many times during the month.

Overheard at 7am on Christmas Day:
Pattering of little feet in the hallway, followed by a short squeal and running feet back into bedroom.

"He came! He came! Come quick; see what's in the living room!" All in hushed tones to his big brother.

Opening stocking gifts. Not really gifts this year; mainly the Ding-Dongs and Chocolate Oranges. W started off in his bathrobe until the furnace warmed up the house.

W was thrilled with his pop-up tent:)

The kids got me a Snuggie! And since it is bright pink, I know no one else will 'steal' it from me, ha ha!

It even came with a book light (that's not a cell phone in my hand). And yes, it kept me nice and warm:)

Various gifts: S is holding W's Spiderman fleece blanket; W has his Etch-o-Sketch; K is investigating the Nerf gun.

W loves his new Spiderman scarf and matching blanket:)

Since she didn't get to bed until after midnight and was 'rudely' jolted out of bed before 7:30 am, S needed a two-hour nap before company arrived.

More Christmas Memories:
Thanks to family members and a photo album, here's another peek into the year I was fourteen!
We had travelled to Indianapolis to celebrate Christmas with my dad's side of the family. My cousin and I had been given makeup kits and heated curling brushes. Not the curling irons; these had 'bristles', meant to create curls and waves as it passed through the hair.
My hair was just past my shoulders, so we decided to try it out. While we waited for the thing to heat, my cousin, who had already been experimenting with makeup, decided to put some on me. All went well until it was time for the mascara. We were laughing; I blinked; she moved the wand at the same time and it went directly into my eye. Fifteen minutes later, I had finally washed away all traces of mascara from my lashes and inside my eyelid. Time to try the hair.
My sister read the instructions and my cousin confidently began 'brushing' my hair. It didn't look any different, so she decided to wrap the hair around the wand, trying to get my hair to curl under. But when she went to unroll it, my hair snagged and became caught. With the threat of having burnt hair, we not only shut it off, but unplugged it. We ended up cutting it out of my hair, and fortunately the damage was at the ends and toward the back. That was the last time I ever let a novice anywhere near my hair or eyes with any beauty products!
Changes, They Are A-Coming!
I received a backhanded compliment the other day. Someone who didn't leave their name told me they 'love' my weblog, but that so much more could be done with it. Come back after the holidays when I'll reveal the changes I'm making:)


Sandra Cox said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas.
LOL about the makeup and curling brushes.
Have a great day, Molly.

Regina Carlysle said...

What a nice Christmas! Love the pics, Molly.

Amber Skyze said...

What a wonderful Christmas, Molly! Love the pictures.