Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Enough Already!

Currently Reading: Lord of the Flies by William Golding. I never read this in high school, but after hearing discussions and watching the play last month, I decided to read it:) Also got a phone call last night: The final Percy Jackson book is in at the library with my name on it:) Looking forward to seeing the movie Lightening Thief when it arrives on the big screen!

E-Books: Enjoyed Regina's Spanish Topaz and Anne Rainey's Burn:) Now I'm getting ready to read, in order:
First and Ten-Fran Lee
Nailed-Cindy Spencer Pape
Prisoner of the Heart-Anny Cook
Infidelity-Debbie Gould
Naughty Nooners Antho-Various

And if all goes well, I'll be buying the following:
Unexpected Mr. Right-Kelly Nyrae
In The Dark-Rob Graham
A Secret Treasure- Lindsay Townsend
The rest of the Carnal Reunions series.

If the finances allow it, this will be my present to myself after the holidays. If not, these titles will be pushed back until tax time:)

I took the day off yesterday, to simply relax and watch a Law & Order marathon on my DVD. Did two loads of laundry, and got some valuable feedback on the final chapter of Class Reunion:)

I'm appalled at two items on this morning's 'news'.

So I've Slept With A Celebrity....
Who cares? New allegations both yesterday and today around a certain public figure. And this new one wants to "tell her story, because the people have a right to know"?? Bullshit! She's pissed because she found out she wasn't the only one he was 'seeing'. Admittedly, the other socialite is vehemently denying any wrong doing occurred. Fine and dandy; we get that. But now this OTHER woman releases a voice mail, presumably from him, asking her to remove her name from her phone? AND went to the editors of a magazine to 'tell the world she slept with him'? She's not doing this because we 'need to know'; she's doing this because she's angry, bitter, and to get back at him! Does she think that by attempting to destroy his relationship with his wife and child, he'll stay with her? Did she learn NOTHING from the Monica Lewinsky scandal, or any other cheating husbands?

But...I Wanted A Boy!
So you got a girl instead. Get over it! I'll admit it; I wanted a boy first also. And when I did deliver a baby boy, my father was thrilled, because it was the first boy born in our family in over 50 years. And yes, I wanted a girl; got her too. The third one I really wanted another girl, but got another boy. And yes, it took me three days to get over the shock (and to remember his name, lol!) But it didn't make any difference in the way I treated the child; if anything, I was a better mom, because 'third time's the charm'.

Yes, there was some discussion when a family member became pregnant and asked for the amniocentisis (sp??), because they really, really, really wanted a boy. And there was some speculation about finding out the gender, so if it wasn't a boy, they might abort. Didn't happen; they got a boy.

But here's my point: Look at China. Due to population control and the coveted male child, there is an entire generation of Chinese boys and little to no girls. Do we really want the same thing to happen, once genetic engineering gets closer to reality? Does no one remember The Outer Limits episode, which explored this issue?

Granted, it was a TV show, and one that aired in the mid-90's. But we let it get any further and soon 'natural' children will no longer exist. Where's the joy in discovering your child's individual traits, if you're hoping for a high IQ, a certain hair/eye color, or athleticism?

There are so few surprises anymore. It's OK to be disappointed if you don't get the 'right' sex the first time around, but don't let it affect your parenting decisions.

And remember: Just because you give birth to a cute baby girl doesn't mean she's going to automatically love the color pink and be a girly-girl. Ten years down the road, her favorite color may be black, and she's more at home in Grandpa's toolshed than wearing makeup and drooling over boys.

23 Days Left:
Gifts Bought: 3.
Cookies Baked: Going to start today:) Yuuuummm...I sense a sugar high later today:)

I'm off to run a few errands and make a few POV changes to Teacher's Pet before sending the non-damaged file back to my publisher. There was an issue from page 85 to the end; fortunately I was able to find a file without the issue and sent those pages to be read by the editor. Now to correct a slight head-hopping problem, sign the contract, and send it on its way....


Anny Cook said...

I sometimes wonder what people are thinking. A baby isn't a dolly that you lay aside when you get tired of it. It's a human being with feelings, talents, traits and all the other gifts inherent in humans...

Regina Carlysle said...

Who cares about gender? My first was a boy...we were thrilled of course and when I was expecting my second (which I knew would be the last) I really really wanted a girl (which I got) BUT...if she had been a HE, it just wouldn't have mattered a bit.

Glad you liked Spanish Topaz.

Amber Skyze said...

I've been blessed with both. For all three children I wasn't able to find out and I would NOT do an Amnio just to find out. No thanks! But for me there are no surprises left and I want to prepare for the arrival. I haven't had a child in 13 yrs. I'm starting fresh! :)
I'd love either a boy or a girl, no matter what.

barbara huffert said...

Cookies? Cookies! Me love cookies.

Carol said...

I think you really need to add "Love, Lies & Deceit" to your To Be Read list. It comes out Dec 17... hint-hint.

Molly Daniels said...

I just may bump it up, Carol:) After all, have a birthday coming up around that time;)