Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday's Stupid Saying

Exterminating: We Are Trained To Kill All Pets.
from an ad in TV Hi-Lites (Flushing, NY)


Cold Day
I'm with Anny. The temp is only supposed to reach 35 today; it's a good day to stay home and bake cookies! Today's L&O is currently being DVR'd downstairs, and thanks to waking up at six, I was able to watch all but two shows I'd DVR'd upstairs. All that is left to watch upstairs is the last hour of 50 First Dates and Gladiator.

Received a phone call from a young neighbor of mine; she's finished the rough draft of her fantasy novel! I'd already told her to read it out loud to herself, in order to catch any errors. She's now in the process of typing up the first chapter, in order to send it to me and present it to my crit partners, two of which also write fantasy. I can help with grammer and spelling and sometimes POV (grin!), but they will know if the basic plot and world she's created is a winner. I'll keep you posted; this young lady is only in her early 20's!

20 Days Left:
Gifts Bought: 0, but K received some birthday money in the mail!
Cookies Baked: Stay tuned!


Mona Risk said...

Molly, I heard my kids complain of cold and snow. Difficult to imagine it's real when it's 80o here in S. FL. Keep warm or come and visit.

Molly Daniels said...

I'll be down at the first sight of ice:)