Wednesday, December 9, 2009

True Romance

Currently Reading: Infidelity by Debbie Gould. I LOVED First and Ten by Fran Lee; Nailed by Cindy Spencer Pape, and Prisoner of Love by Anny Cook. However, they were too short. I would have liked to see an expanded storyline, and maybe one in which every character was an active participant or at least 'wrapped' everything up? I know; I still have to read Taylor's, Tessie, Paris, and Regina's. I am going to go ahead and call this series a Recommended Read!

I finally managed to finish watching 50 First Dates with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. This is a movie every romance lover should watch, imho. Why? Because it truly shows how people can change, and the deep love of another person.

It starts off pretty callous. Guy sleeps with many tourists and lies to them about his job/life/etc, so he doesn't get 'overly involved'.

And then he meets this girl and is intrigued. But the following day, she has no memory of him.


It turns out she's a victim of a car crash, and has lost her short-term memory. The only thing she does remember is what happened the day of the crash, ala Bill Murray's Groundhog Day. Her father and brother relive the day every day, and in the end, Adam Sandler's character makes a video tape to 'refresh' her memory. She tries to break up with him, but in the end, she realizes he loves her enough to patiently refresh her memory over...and over...and over.

Mature love can overcome anything. It is the patience and committment you show your loved one.

I Can't Believe I Forgot My Camera!
K enjoyed his birthday:) Buffalo Wild Wings made him stand on his chair while they sang Happy Birthday to him. He kept shooting me dirty looks, and I kept saying, "Remember, I love you!"

Instead of taking the wings challenge, he only at one of the Blazin' wings, and consumed water...and more water...ate celery and ranch dressing....drank more water...

Came home and a few friends showed up for ice cream and cake. I'd gotten him a Star Trek cake, and W immediately took possession of the tiny USS Enterprise. And since I'd forgotten to take my camera to BW3's, the only memory I captured on film was his cake. But that's okay; there's another party planned for Sunday with the grandparents.

And I've threatened to make a return trip to BW3 and have the wait staff do it all over again, hahahahahaha! Am I an evil mommy or what?

16 Days Left!
Going shopping today, and then will warm up the kitchen with a venison roast, homemade bread, and plenty of cookies! The SU requested oatmeal raisin.


Linda Kage said...

I liked "5o First Dates". And it's nice to heard the birthday party went over well.

If I'd been there, I might'a fought for that USS Enterprise. Just saw the Star Trek movie Sunday and became a fan!!

Unknown said...

I enjoyed "50 First Dates". I'm so glad his party went well and I'm sure he enjoyed the Star Trek cake!

Have fun shopping. Wish I could go, but I'm sitting home watching the snow and freezing rain fall.

Regina Carlysle said...

I liked 50 First Dates, too, but I really LOOOOVED Drew and Adam together in The Wedding of my faves. Glad the b'day celebration for K was memorable. Sounds like fun.

BTW...glad you are enjoying the Carnal Reunions series so far.

Anny Cook said...

Thank you, Molly! Glad you're enjoying the Carnal Reunions stories...

Anonymous said...
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