Monday, August 2, 2010

BTS Countdown: Day 11 and August Reading List

Currently Reading: Finished Animal Farm yesterday, and OMG...I saw the film in high school, so I only remembered sketchy details. This could easily be applied to modern-day politics! Scary....

I'm also still on Kentucky Woman. I know...taking me a while to read this one....
Reading Schedule:

Buckskins and Brocade-Amber Carlton (Siren)

Under the Covers-Eve Adams (Siren)

Riding Double-Eve Adams (Siren)

To Be Bought:


Fill Er Up-Tea Trelawny (EC)

Stone and Sky-CSP (EC)


Single White Knight-Brynn Paulin (TEB)

Wings of the Raven-CSP (TEB)

Keeping It Interesting- Cheryl Dragon (TEB)

Circle of Wolves-Jacqueline Roth (CP)
Wicked Cool- Diane Farr (CP)

All of a sudden, it's August. Celebrated my mom's birthday with a phone call to her; pork chops, and a Pepperidge Farms triple chocolate layer cake. The youngling put the Taz candle plus a blue crayola candle and made a wish for her:) We'll see her in two weeks, when we move K into Purdue.

I've officially lost my daycare youngling. Her dad was laid off last Friday, so I indulged in a little extra 'sleep in' time. This week, we'll be paying bills, collecting school supplies, and praying my youngling doesn't get 'the nasty teacher', whom other 1st grade parents have warned me about. I'll let you know on Friday.

Kenzie is talking about her favorite vampires this week; she might surprise you with her choices. Go over and see if you agree with her or not.

My good friend J Travis Grundon started up his BlogTalk Radio show again with an excellent guest last night! He had so much to say, he was cut short in the end. Here's hoping for a Part 2 soon:)

Woke up early enough yesterday to catch most of the movie 9 to 5. Anyone remember that one? My favorite laugh-out-loud scene is when Hart saws through his restraints with a nail file and Judy, while trying to tie him back up, starts hitting him with a pillow, as her ex-husband walks in! What's your favorite scene?

And finally, on Big Brother, there was a cat fight between Rachel and Kristin. I HOPE Kristin wins the POV on Wednesday, and that either Brittany or Kathy will be put in her place.

Okay; time for another cup of coffee and to get to the store. We're out of bread and in need of some hygiene products.

Come back tomorrow when my guest will be the awesome K.T. Bishop!

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Unknown said...

Great reading list for August. :)

Enjoy the sleep while you can get it.