Friday, August 27, 2010

Flashback Friday

At the baseball banquet, everyone praised my efforts in the concession stand and were thrilled I agreed to another year:)

School began again, and I threw myself a party. My 'Taxi Mom' status was over, since daughter was now in school full time. The first day of school, a friend and I went to the Circle Center Mall in downtown Indianapolis. We ate lunch at Johnny Rockets, a 50's-themed diner where the staff sings along with the jukebox, which costs five cents and one is at every table. They got to perform 'Respect' and 'YMCA' while we were there. We also discovered an AquaMassage machine, and paid $10 for seven minutes of sheer bliss. You take off your shoes and lay face down in a tube. They hand you the controls and water beats down as the wand travels from your neck to toes. You can stop it in any spot, so my neck and hips were well relaxed when my time was up! We also visited the candle shop, the bookstore, and wandered through the Disney Store.

The next day, I dragged the SU to 'Fair Weather Day' at the State Fair. We got to meet our favorite weathermen, plus the helicopter pilot who did the morning traffic. He watched while I rode my favorite ride, the Typhoon ('Scrambler on speed', as I call it!) and toured the farm area.

Thursday and Friday, I cleaned. And the following week, the SU went back to work and I promptly closed myself in my office every morning. I was working on Love Is Sober, and entertaining my neighbor with daily excerpts.

Why Did You Post So Late?
I had connection issues yesterday, so I told Kristal I'd leave her post up longer!

Tomorrow is my final Farmer's Market. I'll be pushing the bookstore, since it made the front page of the local paper yesterday, and we're having a fundraiser on Sept. 4th. Grand Opening is Sept.11th, and my job officially begins on Monday the 13th. I'm still busy cataloguing books; so far I'm up to 750 books, of which I'm donating around 300. The others are classics and favorite books. My criteria is, if I see the cover and cannot instantly recall characters or plot, then it is donated.

The good news? I found two books which have haunted me for two years:
Moonlight Angel by Casey Stuart. Angelique and Damien, during the Civil War.
A Fire in the Heart by Katherine Sutcliffe. Damien and Bonnie, 1800's. This is the one I heard criticized several years ago, for its historical inaccuracies. I don't care; I love the story!

Hmmm...guess I have a thing for men named Damien...

Anyway, have a good weekend:) I still have three boxes of children's books; three more of Christian Inspirational Romances; and the three boxes of Kathleen Woodiwiss, Michael Palmer, Michael Crichton, Barbara Taylor Bradford, and other authors whose books were scattered. I like to keep the authors' books together.


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The Aqua Massage sounds wonderful!

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