Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Flashback: Teenage Uncertainty...

Currently Reading: Finished Amber's Buckskins and Brocade, and devoured Eve Adams' Riding Double. I'm also nearly finished with Fran Lee's Her Own Set of Rules. Went over to the bookstore on Wednesday and read some more Life Goes On. Next up this weekend: Another one of Eve's, Under The Covers. Mahalia Levey also sent me her Merikano's Fury as a thank you for interviewing her:) And then it's time to start buying books again....My forty-five minute 'reading time' has returned, thanks to the parking situation at the elementary school:) Unless the hubby picks up the youngling....then I'll be (hopefully) busy writing.

First of all, a Big Brother Update.

Rachel has got to be the most clueless, spoiled, self-absorbed character in BB history, with the exception of maybe Chima or Natalie from last season. She challenged Kathy in the Veto Bowling, and since Kathy chose to say 'YES!' after scoring one point more, she's supposed to 'apologize' for 'celebrating'?

Ummmm.....let's rewind two weeks. During the HOH competition, Rachel won it again and ran around the ring going 'Ohmygod, ohmygod....Watch out all you floaters!' and then proceeded to get in a near-cat fight with Kristen! Who's the bad sportsman again???

Thankfully, she is GONE! Off to the jury house. Good riddance. Now hopefully Brenden will join her next week.

Aug 1980:
I prepared to enter the 9th grade, and since I could no longer work on Wednesdays in the PT room, my supervisor put me in Central Supply. Only the first day, there was a mix-up and I did not go to the correct area of CS.

I ended up labeling hospital supplies, and enjoying not only the quiet room and the friendliness of the guys, but also practicing my re-emerging flirting skills. What happened next, I've only told a few others.

I was sent into the 'warehouse' area, along with another worker. We chatted as we were filling the order, and he mentioned he wanted to be friends. I said okay.

"What should we do to seal this new friendship?" he asked.

I thought for a moment. "Show me around Purdue? I only know my way around a few buildings."

"That's fine, but what can we do now?"

I shrugged.

He suggested a kiss. I said no; I had a boyfriend. He then asked if we'd Frenched. I made a face and said that sounded gross (yes, I was 14, and had only been kissed on the cheek!)

He sighed and sent me off to find some kind of bandages. I found them, turned the corner as I called 'Found them....' And suddenly ran into a wall of solid muscle as he pulled me into his arms and laid one on me. I also had a full set of metal braces in my mouth, and so it was rather painful.

Not knowing what to do, I pulled away and got out of the 'warehouse' as fast as I could. I returned to my other work area, hands shaking, and wondering if I'd led him on somehow. Fortunately, the guy was sent on another errand, and then word arrived I was supposed to be in Central Sterile Supply. I was provided with the key to the bathroom and shown where the scrubs and shoe coverings were.

The rest of my shift, I was grateful to be somewhere else, where I didn't have to face him. I spent the next two hours learning how to make up heart cath packs, folding towels and washcloths, and using a lint roller.

I never did see that guy again, nor did I ever tell anyone about what had happened. I was happy in CSS and I was afraid if I told my parents, they would make me quit working at that hospital. I had no desire to work at the other hospital, so I kept quiet. But the assertive part of me which was trying to re-emerge was again silenced.

In Happier Times....
We're kicking a fledgling from the nest! We leave for Purdue today, to move our oldest into his dorm room for Boiler Gold Rush, a week-long 'get used to campus/college life' program. He's happy with his temporary housing; the food court is on one side, and the girl he would like to date's dorm is on the other! Plus, he's only about half a mile from where the majority of his classes will be.

Tomorrow night, I'm getting together with some friends as we listen to a live band and relax with a few drinks. Hopefully I'll be able to dance!

So enjoy your weekend and happy Friday the 13th:) I'm not sure when the 'Stupid Sayings' will resume; it depends on whether or not I decide to pre-post them.

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Kenzie Michaels said...

You've come a long way baby; no one would call you shy now! Hahahahahaha.....