Monday, August 9, 2010

BTS Countdown: Day 3:)

Yes, you see that correctly: 3 more days until my daughter and youngling return to school!

Life has been so hectic the past few weeks I've barely had time to read. I will confess to having read two Sidney Sheldon's (The Stranger in the Mirror and The Best Laid Plans) and Mary Mapes Dodge's Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates. I'd read MMD's biography many many times, so when I saw a copy of her book up for grabs, well, I grabbed it!

I also finally finished Amber Carlton's Kentucky Woman, and I'm simply going to have to reread this one again at a later time. I kept getting Cutter and Billy confused, and having to scroll back to see which was which. But good news: I opened Buckskins and Brocade (sequel) last night and had to force myself to stop at chapter 9! Looking forward to getting back to it....but honestly, an open tri-marriage in 1890? This one has me skeptical, but in defense, it IS fantasy. And since there are no documents to say whether or not the First Lady was that open-minded...who knows.

Oops....Left Out Word!
The name of the new bookstore is Mockingbird BOOK Emporium! I went to storage, pulled out seven boxes of books.....and kept four. Ended up donating sixty books. And in my defense, one box held my husband's How To manuals (I don't think he'd appreciate me giving away his do-it-yourself Home Repair books); another box held un-donatable children's books (covers missing, plus sentimental favorites); I also found a few stuffed animals, a sewing kit, a nail file, and a candy dish stuffed in with the kiddie books. And the third box held a treasured 1st edition Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, Zane Grey with some geneology notes, and my Marian Keyes' books. Not ready to give them up just yet. Not counting the kiddie books, I kept back twenty-two. And I know there is a great deal more in my northern storage unit. I'm sensing a road trip in the future, ha ha:)

No sales on Saturday, but I did pass out most of the flyers concerning the store, and even put one in the hands of not only a local politician, but the manager of one of the local radio stations. I also introduced Travis to my contacts at the Chamber of Commerce, and one of the antique shop owners. I guess I've appointed myself Marketing Director or Official Publicist....Going over this afternoon to help paint bookshelves.

Lots To Do Today:
-Hubby's unemployment was reinstated, as well as his back pay; however, there was a problem with one of his vouchers, so he's heading over there to clear it up. We also received more paperwork for his disability application, and have to make more copies of last year's tax returns for financial assistance with two hospital bills. So Office Max, here I come.

-Some school supplies will have to be purchased, as well as new tennis shoes for the youngling. With pea gravel on the playground, flip-flops are not permitted, which is what he's been wearing all summer.

-Since the older kids worked all weekend, I didn't have to cook. I think I'll make tacos tonight, in order to use up the three pounds of ground beef still in my fridge. When I broke down the bulk packages, I ran out of Ziplock bags. Bought some more over the weekend, but still haven't broken down that final package.

WTG Artie and Herb!
They both wowed the Iron Chefs with their food in last night's challenge! Sadly, Aria left...but she really did not do the challenge. So the final three are Herb, with his healthy Latino cusine; Artie, with her Taste of India; and Tom, who reminds me of a Teddy Bear.

If they could harness Tom's boldness, Herb's personality/health concept, and Artie's looks and POV, they'd have a hell of a show:) Tom does well with taking chances; Herb does fine until he tries to talk directly into the camera; Artie shines on camera but acts tentative when it comes to presenting her excellent food, and seems surprised by praise:)

Enjoy your Monday; I'm off to paint!

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Unknown said...

Mmmm, now you have me wanting tacos for dinner or lunch! LOL
School already??? Bleh. Mine has a few weeks left.